Top 5 Saturday: Fast Paced Books

top 5 fast paced books

Top 5 Saturday is run by Amanda @ Devouring Books. Every week showcases 5 books that share a common theme. This week’s theme is Fast Paced Books.

Looking at my books, I definitely prefer moderately to slow paced books. Usually, fast paced books are just too fast for me, especially since I love savoring the story and the characters, and those quiet, still moments are usually so incredibly lovely. But there are still some fast books I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying.

The Mallory Beck Cozy Culinary Caper Series by Denise Jaden

So far, there are 6 books and a 7th due out soon in this series. I’ve only read the first 3 so far, but only because I’ve overloaded myself with so many reviews. These cozies are both fast and short, but so delicious and packed full of good things. Once in a while, they tend a bit more Christian than I’d like, but I adore the characters, and the small town it’s set in is both charming and a bit dark. But there’s plenty of food and a grumpy cat who doesn’t like Mallory much, so I’m absolutely in love with this series!

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Tales of the Clans: Ineluctable by Elsy Devaine

Tales of the Clans: Ineluctable by Elsy Devaine

This book is fast. It’s just over 300 pages and packs in so much I almost felt like I had whiplash. This is a standalone fantasy within a series (the first book, I believe) and does absolutely have a fully contained story with hints of more to come.

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The Last Imperator by M.L. Tishner

The Last Imperator by M. L. Tishner

This is the second book in the Rebirth Saga and, while the first book moves, this one really goes. I felt like the characters could never rest and, even when they did, there was always something headed their way. This is a fascinating blend of Star Wars and anime elements (not that I’m actually versed in anime, so take that with a healthy dose of salt), and I’ve found it to be a delightful series so far.

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The Terra Haven Chronicles by Rebecca Chastain

This is a trilogy with a prequel and I’m hoping the last book will be released soon. I love everything about this series. Literally everything. Each book moves quickly with a lot jam-packed into it. Sometimes it feels a little fast, but, overall, it’s really the absolute perfect pace.

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Verena’s Whistle by K. Panikian

verena's whistle k. panikian

This is such a fun, fast-paced ride! It’s a great monster hunt across the Ural Mountains with a lot of magic involved. I loved how it really reinforced the snow and the cold without feeling repetitive and that it has such a strong female lead.

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What’s the most fast paced book you’ve read?

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9 thoughts on “Top 5 Saturday: Fast Paced Books

  1. When I was looking through my books I realized that I prefer slower paced books as well, which is funny because I don’t like slow pacing. But I don’t love fast paced books either because my favorites have well developed characters. So I focused on YA thrillers because I pick those up after long reads when I need something light and fast, but I have different expectations for them than fantasies so I guess it works!

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    1. I don’t read YA, but thrillers are definitely a great palate cleanser! They’re usually really good fast reads and are absolutely so different from the long, slow fantasies. I do the same, but rotate between cozy mysteries and women’s fiction. It’a great that there are different paces in books so it makes it easier to find something that’s just right.


      1. Yes! I feel like in my fantasies I need lots of character development but it doesnt matter AS MUCH in a thriller. In a thriller it’s more about pacing and plot. Where in a fantasy character development is super important to me

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