Sisters of String and Glass, Part 74

Chapter Sixteen – continued

“We’re going in circles here, James. You have a responsibility. I don’t. Your father is expecting you, not me, to take the crown.”

“Didn’t you just say we’re going in circles, Adrian? I just told you I do have an heir.”

Adrian threw up his hands. “Just think of everything you would be giving up by pursuing a relationship with this handmaiden. Is it worth it, James? Is it her you want or are you running away from something?”

“I deserve happiness and love just like anyone else in this kingdom, Adrian. More so! I’m going to be King one day. I should be entitled to some happiness, shouldn’t I?”

“Life in the castle?”

“It’s stifling.”

“Then change it, James!”

James shook his head and turned to the handmaiden, who was standing still, her eyes wide and her hands clasped at her waist so hard her knuckles were white. His face softened as he looked at her. Slowly, cautiously, he held out a hand.

“Come,” he said softly to her. “Let me show you the gardens. Good night, Adrian.”

Adrian watched, speechless for once in his life, as the prince and the handmaiden left the ballroom.

And that’s finally the end of Chapter 16! See you Monday with Chapter 17.

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