Book Spotlight: Three Kisses by Heath Daniels

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The Lily Cafe is pleased to spotlight an action packed political thriller, Three Kisses, by Heath Daniels!

Title: Three Kisses

Author: Heath Daniels

Publisher: ITO Press

Publication date: August 8, 2019 (2nd edition)

Genre: Political Thriller

About the Book

Three Kisses: The Political Page Turner You’ve Been Looking For! Could International Intrigue possibly result in Tolerance, Respect, and Acceptance? Find out when desperation and dreams collide as would-be Islamic terrorists threaten the very fabric of North America in Heath Daniels’s stunning political thriller Three Kisses.

The novel follows a diverse group of characters caught in the crossfires of conflict and desperation: 

·      Brahim and Boudi, young American men from a Muslim Yemini immigrant community, must choose between moral principles and expectations; 

·      Omar, an aspiring Islamic theologian and imam, is drawn deep into undercover activity with the FBI to preserve what he passionately believes is the most beautiful religion.

·      Deep-level conspiracies keep Patrick from discovering his unwitting role. 

·      Felicia, a Philippine military widow, is co-opted by al Qaeda, but finds herself unable to follow through with the plot. 

·      Ali, a young medical doctor, willingly allows conspirators to use him for their nefarious purposes, without fully grasping his role.

This sharp, action-packed depiction of the realities of modern day terrorism transports you from upstate New York to the Appalachians, to Canada, Mexico, Syria, Lebanon, and clandestine locations of US anti-terror activity and takes us inside the U.S. Justice Department, DIA, CIA, FBI, NSA, and the federal court system to reveal an all-too-real-scenario of what’s happening right now.

About Heath Daniels

Heath Daniels is a semi-retired consultant on various topics involving international activities. He has lived and traveled extensively both within the US and abroad and has developed a large network of colleagues and friends who have contributed directly and indirectly to the insights and knowledge he brings to his novels. When he is not busy thinking of ways to spoil his grandchildren, he writes, reads, and travels. Throughout his life, he has been a keen observer of and avid reader about current events, with special interests in culture and language, history, and spirituality.

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Thank you so much to author Heath Daniels and publicist Penny Sansevieri!

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