Sisters of String and Glass, Part 82

Chapter Eighteen – continued

She walked quickly, looking for a private place to speak with her sister. Her eyes darted around, but the streets were now filled with people, and the clanging alarms were starting to give her a headache.,

She huffed and hiked up her skirts to race back to Olidan Manor. She bypassed the front doors and instead slipped back into the kitchen, where she caught Alexander’s sleeve and hurriedly told him to notify the Count he was wanted at the castle. Then she wrapped the cloak back around herself and darted out for the copse.

Once she was settled in a tree, her back pressed against the bark, her eyes focused on the manor, and one foot swinging, she clutched the glass around her neck

“Abigail,” Camille hissed.

“What is it?” Abigail asked.

“The alarms have been sounded. Father’s been called to the castle. The Murants are there already. If they’re not already searching for James and Poppy, they will be soon.”

“It doesn’t matter anymore,” Abigail said.

“What? Did they change their minds?”

“Oh, nothing of that sort. James just had a wish stone. We’re approaching Roderick Manor. You should see The Spindle one day, Camille! It’s amazing and beautiful. The stonework on the buildings is impeccable. The cobblestones actually gleam with opalescent pieces. There are fae everywhere with the most vibrantly colored clothing and hair.”

Camille sighed wistfully. If only she’d woken earlier. “It sounds lovely, Abigail. Good luck. If I hear anything new, I’ll contact you.”

“Thank you, Camille.” She paused. “Did you see Adrian?”

Camille couldn’t stop the grin spreading across her face. “I did. You’d better hurry back. He said he’ll be visiting as soon as he can.”

She heard her sister’s sharp inhale. “I’ll do what I can. Thank you.”

“Of course,” Camille said, smiling as she dropped her piece of glass.

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