Sisters of String and Glass, Part 84

Chapter Eighteen – continued

Camille couldn’t help it; her hackles rose. “Adrian will never love a woman like Madeline.”

Muriel pressed her lips together until they turned white. “We shall see how events turn out. Come, Madeline. We must make you presentable.”

Madeline spared a last haughty glare at Camille before she let her mother lead her off.

Camille heaved a quiet sigh and let her shoulders slump as mother and daughter vanished up the stairs. She shook her head. Yes, it was much better that she had awoken second. Though she wasn’t sure for how long she thought that.

She clutched the glass again, her eyes darting around, keeping an eye out for either woman. There was no time to wait for a moment of privacy, no time to rush into her rooms.

“Abigail,” Camille hissed. “Don’t say anything. With you missing, Muriel and Madeline intend on using your disappearance to their advantage. Return quickly.”

She dropped the glass and, heart racing, crept after Muriel and Madeline. The more she knew about their plans, the better she could warn Abigail. There was no doubt in her mind Adrian wouldn’t trust Madeline and Muriel, but it was awfully suspicious that Abigail was also missing.

She’d worked too hard to coerce her sister and the Duke together. There was no one more relieved than her to know they actually made quite a match. Adrian was perfect for Abigail. He was the only who accepted and understood her. After all the wrongs she’d done to her sister, Camille was intent on throwing her whole self into protecting their budding relationship, and helping her keep James and Poppy out of everyone’s reach.

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