Top 5 Saturday: Books Set in the Forest

Top 5 Saturday is run by Amanda @ Devouring Books. Every week showcases 5 books that share a common theme. This week’s theme is Books Set in the Forest.

Whenever I think of a forest setting, I always think fantasy. Maybe I’ve read too many fantasies. Maybe I like forests too much? Either way I had plenty to choose from this week, so I went with the books that really made me think “forest” as soon as I thought of them.

Quaking Soul by Jennifer M. Zeiger

Quaking Soul by Jennifer M. Zeiger

This book mostly takes place in the various forests around the United States, so of course it’s the first one I thought of. It’s so nature-oriented that reading it made me feel like I was in the forest and in the trees.

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Verena’s Whistle by K. Panikian

verena's whistle k. panikian

Set in a snowy forest in the Ural Mountains, the snow and the trees really came alive! Of course, there was a very spacious cabin the characters were based out of, but one of the stars of this book was definitely the snowy forest.

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The Warrior Bard series by Juliet Marillier

This series doesn’t take place exclusively in a forest, but it’s Celtic-inspired and has quite a lot of natural settings, both in our world and in the fae world. I can’t help but think of forests when I think of this series.

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The Harp of Kings | A Dance With Fate | A Song of Flight

For the Wolf by Hannah Whitten

For the Wolf by Hannah Whitten

Definitely a given this has to be on the list. I mean, the Wilderwood is crazy and incredible. And might just kill you.

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Requiem Moon by C.T. Rwizi

Requiem Moon by C. T. Rwizi

So, this actually takes place in the Jungle City, the capital of the world this series is set in. I did have a bit of a hard time envisioning it, but, whenever I think of it, I think of a city set into a jungle.

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What books with a forest setting have you enjoyed?

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13 thoughts on “Top 5 Saturday: Books Set in the Forest

    1. Thank you! I absolutely agree. Forest settings are incredible, especially when it comes to fantasy. There are so many things authors can do with it.


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