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A huge thank you Aaliya@Aaliya’s Nook for tagging me for this! While she’s, understandably, very busy at this time of the year, I do love her posts and her enthusiasm for life and books is so much fun.

This tag was created by Books Michelle over on Booktube.

The Stone Age: One of the first books you remember reading

While my son started learning how to read in Kindergarten and I’m teaching phonics to my 4 year old, the school I went to didn’t teach reading until I was in 2-3rd grade. I can’t really remember which, but it was about a year or so later than when my younger siblings were in school. I remember having to get books like Frog and Toad are Friends and Amelia Bedelia so I’d have to say one of those was probably the first book I remember reading.

Ancient Greece: your favourite myth-inspired book (doesn’t have to be Greek mythology), or retelling

Gerard by Carla Reighard

Ugh. I love retellings, but I also hate them. So many go in wildly different directions or feel way too constrained by the story they’re retelling. But if I have to pick one I really enjoyed, it would have to be Gerard by Carla Reighard. This is a retelling of Beauty and the Beast, but from Gaston’s (Gerard in this book) perspective. I love that it was set right after the Revolutionary War and, instead of France, was mostly set in Louisiana and it really offered a unique and interesting explanation for him.

The Roman Empire: a book featuring an impressive empire or kingdom

The Tide Child trilogy. I just have no words for this world. It’s sea and islands and ships, but every little tiny bit is absolute perfection.

The Middle Ages, (or the Dark Ages): a book that is an absolute bummer

The Red and the Black by Stendhal. I went into it with high hopes because, at the time, I was really into French literature and was cheerfully marking up my copy. Until I realized I absolutely hated the main character. By then, it was too late. I’d made too many marks to do anything but burn it, so I kept reading, but only because I knew the end and was relishing it, though that too was kind of annoyingly awful.

The Renaissance: a book that you’ve learned a lot from, or that made you think

All of the Nancy Drew books I’ve read. I always say everything I know, I learned from Nancy Drew. I haven’t read one in a few years, but random bits of knowledge I gleaned from one book or another still helps me answer a Jeopardy! question.

The Industrial Revolution: a book featuring an invention or concept that you would love to have in your own life

The Timepiece and the Girl Who Went Astray by O.R. Simmonds

The Timepiece and the Girl Who Went Astray by O.R. Simmonds. The Timepiece is a watch-like thing that can send people back and forth in time. Of course, it causes problems, but I really felt like I understand the mechanism of time travel in this book, so I wouldn’t mind having my own Timepiece that I could (cautiously) use. Might help me remember what I forgot to remember.

World War I & II: your favourite historical fiction book about the World Wars (or if you don’t have one, your favourite historical fiction book in general)

Fate Accompli by Keith R. Fentonmiller

I don’t read much historical fiction, much less historical fiction around war, but I really enjoyed Fate Accompli by Keith R. Fentonmiller. It’s set during the Italian Renaissance, but probably has more to do with the Greek gods.

Present Day: a book everybody should read in present day according to you

Especially now that I’m helping my son learn how to use and read a dictionary, I have to go with my usual answer: the dictionary. I don’t know about today’s dictionaries, but my dad had a really old one that I loved flipping through because it had so many fun educational stuff packed into it. I taught myself about the ancient world using that thing. Yes, I actually sat down and read a dictionary, so, yes, I absolutely say everyone should at least flip through one and read random pages from it. You never know what you’ll learn!

At this point, I’m supposed to tag some lovely people, so, if you made it this far, consider yourself tagged!

Thank you so much, Aaliya!

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5 thoughts on “The Ancient History Book Tag

  1. Omg…I love your dictionary answer, and I completely agree that everyone should flip through one at least once. My dad used to have one that I also loved using when I was younger too. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

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    1. That’s so amazing! There’s so much a dictionary could teach us, and it’s so much more than just a tool to look up books. I’m glad to know there’s someone out there who has similar memories! Haha, I always felt like a weird kid because I loved dictionaries.

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