Sisters of String and Glass, Part —

This is something of a lie. There is no next part of this story this week. In theory, I have time to get the next chapter lightly edited and scheduled, but, in actuality, I’m putting myself into pretzels over Tuesday’s review, so I’m choosing to forego posting Sisters this week so I can write that review and then recover from it. And then write Thursday’s review, which isn’t quite so much fun.

Normally, reviews are relatively easy. A quick 30 minutes of writing a brief description in my own words; what I liked and didn’t like about the characters, setting, and story; and then finishing up with an Overall section at the top. But Tuesday’s review is for a novel by one of my favorite writer bloggers. I’ve adored their short stories and flash fiction for the past few years, so, to say I was excited when they announced their upcoming novel, would be a gross understatement.

Technically, I’ve been closed to review requests since the summer, but I couldn’t not jump on offering everything I have to offer to Will Soulsby-McCreath and Merry Arlan: Breaking The Curse. Today I’m honored to have posted an interview with Will and tomorrow is my review.

This review has been twisting me up for the past few days. Trying to make sure my review is perfect for a book that touched me in so many ways. Trying to just do a review that does the book and the author justice. Trying not to let my adoration for the author’s writing and stories to not get in the way too much. Trying to express how much I love this novel without simply posting: AAAHHHH! You’d better read this or else!

Yeah, I don’t think that would go over too well. At least, not in the context of what my reviews usually are, which is, um, less shouting and more detailed (or so several authors have told me).

Anyways. I feel so blessed to have gotten to know and read authors like Will, authors who start off with posting their writing online and then finally publishing their novels. But it does make writing the reviews surprisingly agonizingly difficult. How do I write a balanced review when I’ve already fallen in love with that they can do?! Which might explain why I still haven’t written a review for Jennifer M. Zeiger’s Quaking Soul. I can’t figure out a way to do write a review to do the book justice, so please wish me luck as I work on wrapping up my review for Merry Arlan: Breaking The Curse.

Well, check back tomorrow to enjoy a review of one of my favorite novels this year. I hope it won’t sound like a crazy person wrote it.

In the meantime:

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5 thoughts on “Sisters of String and Glass, Part —

  1. I was planning to read this later, but I was engaged by the title. What a pleasure must be to read a *good* book from a friend, blogger or not. I do remember reading a manuscript of a friend of mine that was… how to call it… an aberration? Then me & the other beta-readers decided to review it together… we almost ended up in a war 😁😁😁

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  2. I’m sad there’s not going to be any Sisters posts this week – they’re my fun thing I read when I take breaks during the day – but completely understand why!

    I love how much thought you put into your reviews. And I can understand how hard it can be to review books by friends. I try to review on Amazon for other self-published authors I meet and I agonized over every one. So although I’d love to see your review of Quaking Soul, I do understand why it’s a hard one to write. I value whatever honest insight you give as it helps me grow as a writer! 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much! I’m looking forward to returning to posting Sisters this week. I’m also planning on getting my review for Quaking Soul down into words when I take a break at the end of the year. Hopefully it won’t be a disaster and I’ll be able to post it in January.

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