Book Spotlight: Shallcross: The Blindspot Cathedral by Charles Porter

book spotlight shallcross charles porter

The Lily Cafe is pleased to spotlight an existential thriller perfect for Halloween, Shallcross: The Blindspot Cathedral, by Charles Porter!

Title: Shallcross: The Blindspot Cathedral (The Hearing Voices Series #1)

Author: Charles Porter

Publisher: Porter Publishing

Publication date: May 3, 2015

Genre: Existential Thriller, Fiction

About the Book

Aubrey Shallcross feels lost after selling his business, but conventional cures do not seem to help. In his retirement without an executive routine, he and Triple Suiter, his mind’s other voice, ride the good times and bad, going on long hauls through the sawgrass of his psyche and engaging in a scary retrospect of Catholicism after journeying from religious to secular man.

Determined to stay sane and happy on his South Florida farm, he resumes a lifelong passion for training horses, surfing, and music in his oceanfront county, where big cattle ranches stretch inland to Lake Okeechobee.

Aubrey falls in love with an unusual woman, and they lead a life of devotion and magic until a rabid stalker, jealous of their love, shoots out the sun…

About Charles Porter

Born in 1944, Charles Porter grew up in Stuart, FL, on the St. Lucie River in the same old wooden house where his father was born. He graduated from Belmont Abbey college with a degree in philosophy, traveled for two years around the United States in a camper pickup truck, and went to work in his father’s lumber yard following his father’s untimely death in 1963. From a young age Porter trained western horses, worked on a cattle ranch, competed in reining at local rodeos while he fed a deep love of music and poetry, placing him on stage for a time, as a singer/songwriter. In 1988, when he sold the lumber company, his interest in the sport of dressage grew, and now he devotes much of his time to schooling, coaching, and the buying and selling of imported horses at Peak Rock Farm. Porter lives in Loxahatchee, FL, and South Dartmouth, MA.

Purchase Links

Amazon | Barnes and Noble

Connect with Charles Porter

Author Website

Thank you so much to author Charles Porter and publicist Penny Sansevieri!

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