Sisters of String and Glass, Part 97

Chapter Twenty-One – continued

“Are you sure?” Abigail whispered through the glass later that night.

Camille furiously paced across her bedroom. Her nightgown swirled around her ankles as she turned, but she was hardly aware of anything outside of her sister’s voice.

“Completely sure, Gail,” Camille assured her. “What daughter calls her mother by her name?”

“I’m sure there are…unusual family practices,” Abigail said slowly, hesitantly.

“I don’t see any reason why they would want to hide it,” Camille said impatiently.

“No,” Abigail said with a sigh. “We are riding through the night. I should be home by mid-morning. Yes, Clarice assures me we’ll arrive just after breakfast.”

“You should go to Murant Manor,” Camille said abruptly. “Everyone expects you’re with Adrian right now. Give my lies some truth, will you?”

Abigail laughed softly. “You can stop your matchmaking, Camille. But, yes, I think I will.”

Camille folded her arms. “I’m trying to protect you, Abigail,” she said sharply. As soon as the words were out of her mouth, though, she winced. She hadn’t meant to sound so harsh to her sister.

Abigail’s sigh came through the glass clearly. “I understand,” she said in her perpetually patient tone. “But, Camille, you need to stop. If I marry Adrian, he’ll be looking out for me.” She laughed a little. “You know he will. Besides, it’ll also mean I’ll be Queen.”

Camille’s chest tightened at that. She hadn’t meant to practically toss her sister onto the throne. She’d thought Abigail and Adrian would retire to the countryside, raise a brood of children, and live in peace and happiness forever. Instead, she’s pushed her sister into something she had never wanted.

“I’m sorry,” she said tightly.

“Oh, don’t worry, Camille,” Abigail said, her tone light. “It’s not like you can stop worrying about me overnight. You’ve been like that my entire life. I understand.”

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