Sisters of String and Glass, Part 98

Chapter Twenty-One – continued

“No,” Camille said softly, her arms loosening until they hung loosely at her sides as her steps stilled before her windows. “I mean I’m sorry about thrusting you onto the throne.”

She didn’t hear her sister sigh, but she knew it’s what Abigail must be doing. “It’s not your fault. If anything, it’s James’s fault, but how could I talk him into marrying a woman he hates when I saw him and Poppy? Besides, it’s still possible Adrian and I will choose to not marry.”

“Or Madeline will sneak in and steal him,” Camille muttered.

“Unlikely. Adrian detests her. He thinks there’s something strange about her.”

Camille laughed. “Well, he can join Andalissa and me.” She quickly sobered. “But, Abigail, do be wary of her.”

“I will be,” Abigail assured her. “Now, I think I’d like to get a bit of rest. I’ll be back tomorrow.”

“I have excuses for you,” Camille assured her before offering wishes for a restful night.

With the quiet settling around her and the moon reaching it’s zenith, Camille stared out her windows. They faced the front of the manor, watching over the front gardens as snow dusted the grounds. She hoped her sister was keeping warm, but, knowing Clarice, whatever conveyance they were using was likely snug and warm.

She swallowed hard, her mind reeling back to what she’d heard outside of Madeline’s rooms. She now had no idea who the women her father had let into their lives were. But they were unlikely to do anything disastrous under Lawrence’s nose. She hoped. Her father had become even more oblivious and withdrawn since his return.

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