This Week On and Off the Blog

Here in the States, this is Thanksgiving week. My kids are off school and we’re preparing food to take over to my parents’ house. It’s going to be a busy, loud week, so I don’t have any big plans for the blog.

This week, I have a single review. It’ll post on Tuesday, and then I’ll be gone until next Monday. I don’t imagine my kids will give me a chance to read many blogs, or even get much ready for next week, but I’ll drop in as I can.

Sisters of String and Glass won’t be posted this week. I hate to take another week off, but, since most of my readers appear to come from the States, I don’t imagine those posts would see much traffic anyways. And I’m only posting this and a review before effectively being on another break, so no Sisters this week.

On another note, off the blog, I think I’ll be discussing The Wheel of Time TV show that premiered last Friday with my husband. I’ve read the whole series and he’s read the first book, so we were quite excited. Unfortunately, the first 3 episodes failed to impress us. Indeed, many fans seem very disappointed at the liberties the showrunner took. But I’m still thrilled to get to see the books I first read 20 years ago brought to life. And I’m looking forward to seeing people and places and things come to life later on. Surprisingly, my husband is much more critical than I am, but I also know there’s a limited amount of time and a massive mountain of material to work with. Still, some of it feels unforgivable. But, after waiting so long and hearing so many murmurings of movies and TV shows that never came to fruition, the fact that it’s become a reality is really just a big step. I’m cautiously optimistic, but I maintain the show is merely okay right now. In the same way a conductor interprets a piece of music in their own way with a few notes from the composer, so, too. is this TV show being interpreted by the showrunner. It’s recognizable as The Wheel of Time, but it, to me, feels like someone else’s interpretation. I am, though, looking forward to what the 4th episode has in store for us on Friday.

Other than that, I’ll be taking my kids to see Ron’s Gone Wrong in theaters. They’re so excited I’m keeping my fingers crossed the ads didn’t just show us all the fun and interesting parts. This will be their first movie in a theater, so I’m also keeping my fingers crossed it won’t turn into an episode of Bluey.

Over the weekend, my oldest will be getting his first COVID shot and I’ll be getting my booster, so I’m anticipating being back on the 29th, but I’m also not holding my breath. My first shot incapacitated me for 5 days, so I’m a little nervous, and then there’s my little boy to think about. It’ll be a…fun weekend.

With that, I’ll say Happy Thanksgiving and, whether you celebrate or not, I hope you have a lovely week!

Most sincerely, kat

4 thoughts on “This Week On and Off the Blog

    1. Thank you; it did! The Wheel of Time is a really fascinating fantasy series, but is incredibly long at 14 books, and the TV show has a lot of fans divided, but it’s really nice to see such a massive story put onto the screen.


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