The Lily Cafe Digest #21

A couple of weeks ago, I was thinking of changing my blog theme for, um, the (pick a number)th time. Which doesn’t really impact much anyways since I think at least half of my views are through the Reader, but, just in case someone is actually at the site, things would have looked different. But, as always happens when I look at the themes, nothing was jumping out at me and I realized I still don’t know what I want my blog to look like. It’s kind of sad; I’m now into my 5th year of doing this and I still have no idea what I want it to look like, much less what I want to do with it or what it’s purpose is. Well, stumbling through seems to be working, so I’ll keep tripping over my feet over here.

So, I did not decide to change my theme. Yet. But I did find a new way to shake things up a bit! Scroll on down to see the new way I’ve decided to do my Digests. In theory, if you click on the image, you should be taken to the post. I’m a little tech-challenged, so it might not actually be true. If I’ve completely goofed and it takes you to not the blog post, please let me know and I’ll frantically try to figure out where I went wrong.

Anyways, enough with the blog chatter. I’m now off for my week-long blogging break. I’m somehow already completely exhausted and my family hasn’t even started the point where it gets really busy and we start juggling ten balls at once (I’m not even coordinated enough to catch a single ball, so this ought to be interesting). But I’m hoping to get a bunch of posts at least written over the next week so, when I do have to disappear from March-May or longer, there will still be posts up here and there.

Oh, and I can’t forget about Sisters. I can see the end! It’ll continue to post well after I’m actually done writing it (in theory), but I’ve planned out the rest of the story chapter by chapter. I’ll write more on that at the beginning of March because I’m somehow organized enough to actually plan through part of April. It’s been so helpful that my kids have finally grown old enough to play independently with each other now and then. Of course, it means I have to defuse more arguments and sit them down and explain their age difference more often (3 years is just so oceanically huge right now), but I get more stretches of time to blog, write, and read.

Well, I’ll leave you here. I hope this Digest works the way I intended and I’ll see you next Monday!

Guest Posts

book spotlight the life of plants in a changing environment rishikesh upadhyay
Learn about a nature-oriented non-fiction book
author interview lyn liao butler red thread of fate
Interview in which we learn a bit more about Red Thread of Fate and it’s author Lyn Liao Butler, and did she really get to spend part of the pandemic in Hawaii to do book research?!

The Bookshelf

Book Reviews:

Fantasy and Sci-Fi

book review a practical guide to conquering the world kj parker
A humorous, very tongue-in-cheek finale to The Siege trilogy
book review the liar's knot m.a. carrick
A gorgeous sequel to The Mask of Mirrors in which you might just fall more in love with these characters
book review quaking soul jennifer m zeiger
A must-read for lovers of nature and world building. There’s mystery, romance, and magical creatures
book blog tour book review light years from home mike chen
Light on the sci-fi and heavy on the family relationships, this is Chen doing what Chen does best and it’s beautiful
book review muckrakers and minotaurs rebecca chastain
Looking for a grown up Nancy Drew? Here she is! Complete with magic, romance, and an adorable creature companion

Women’s Fiction/Romance

book review bad luck bridesmaid alison rose greenberg
This offers a very modern take on marriage and relationships. Be aware it’s women’s fiction masquerading as romance
book review 30 things i love about myself radhika sanghani
A fun and realistic journey one woman takes to learn to love herself
book review red thread of fate lyn liao butler
A beautiful story of culture, motherhood, adoption, and family
book review love and saffron kim fay
A sweet story of long-distance friendship in the 1960s

Mystery and Thriller

book review fan fiction brent spiner
A delightful noir-style mystery about Brent Spiner acting on Star Trek: The Next Generation by Brent Spiner
book review murder in the vineyard denise jaden
A fun, quick cozy mystery featuring food, a dead body, romance, and a cat detective/companion who is at odds with his late owner’s widow
book review honey roasted cleo coyle
A delicious cozy mystery featuring food, family, friends, and bees, this is the 19th in The Coffeehouse Mystery series

Life Between the Pages:

bookish wish 2022
This year I made a bookish wish to create a new, beautiful bookish memory
books read winter
Books that feel like a perfect winter read to me
reading challenge 2022 diversity and inclusivity
Last year I did an Indie Books Challenge. This year I have a Diversity and Inclusivity Challenge
need picture book recommendations
I’m looking for picture books with diverse parents (single, 2 moms, 2 dads, grandparents, etc.). Please help!
discussion don't care how many books i read a year
I don’t do the Goodreads Challenge and never will. Do you?
stumbling through works
After Googling my blog, I got an interesting surprise! And I have the book to prove it.
diversity inclusivity challenge january 2022
How did I do with my challenge in January?
favorite fictional couples non-romance books
For February, I’m celebrating my favorite holiday with some of my favorite fictional couples.
fantasy books romance
It’s because of my early fantasy reads as a young preteen that I struggle with reading romance novels.
January 5, 2022
January 19, 2022
February 2, 2022

Catch up on Sisters of String and Glass

Part 107 | Part 108 | Part 109 | Part 110 | Part 111 | Part 112 | Part 113 | Part 114 | Part 1115 | Part 116 | Part 117 | Part 118

Writing Files

writing files none of my serious stories have a real title
I seem to be only capable of titling stories I have no intention of publishing

Blog Posts I’ve Enjoyed from the Blogging Community

This is embarrassingly short because, as both my kids are doing school from home (one homeschooled and one doing online school), I have been insanely short on time. I tried to read as many blogs as I could, but have definitely had a hard time keeping up. I’m so sorry I’m not sharing more because there are so many incredible posts out there that I loved!

Culture from the little blog of everything – I love everything Brooke has to share and this one is no exception. I feel this one particularly hard, and I wonder how many people would be leading different lives if they had lived in the world she imagines.

Announcing Path2pub! Why I Founded It from Lucia’s Fiction – I love everything Lucia has been doing for the writing community. On her blog, she shares writing tips and advice, and now she’s created a new community for writers to share their advice, tips, and journeys. Right now, Path2pub is doing a whole month devoted to querying.

10 of the Most Romantic Books in Classic Literature from Pages Unbound – As Valentine’s Day is approaching, this one is entirely relevant, whether you enjoy classics or not.

Faithfully Thinking: The need for society to show more grace and less judgment from Boondock Ramblings – Lisa’s blog post title references faith, but her post is so much more than that. It speaks to the judgment people choose to pass on others and how we, as people, should be better and have more compassion instead of just jumping to judge without understanding.

How to START Writing A Book – Unwarranted Advice from Nopoodles – Since I’m planning on doing more writing this year, I can’t not share this post. I actually have the opposite problem where I can’t stop starting stories, but there might be someone out there who wants to write and might just need this advice.

Channeling Your Inner Writer from Joan Wiley – Another writing post, and it goes so well with the one above from Nopoodles. So, jump from some advice on how to get started to this one on how to start getting into that writing groove. Joan also talks about what to try when you’ve hit that dreaded writer’s block.

Top Five Adult Thrillers Pt. 1 from Writer Girls Book Reviews – After a series of disappointing thrillers last year, I’m feeling a little hesitant about them this year, but this list looks like a good one! They sound like just the reads to rekindle that love for thrillers.

Most Sincerely, kat

You can find a list of all the Digests plus some bloggers I adore over here

15 thoughts on “The Lily Cafe Digest #21

  1. Thank you for the mention and I love the new setup. It seemed to work for me! At least on the links I tried.

    I keep going back and forth on how I want my blog to look too.

    I am renewing with WordPress for the third or fourth year and I still have no clue what I am doing. – in blogging and life. Ha!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Always happy to! And I’m glad it all worked out! So far, it looks like it’s working the way it’s supposed to, so I figure I’ll stick with it until my brain decides it’s time to change things again. Having no clue definitely keeps things interesting! Sometimes frustrating, but usually interesting. I just keep my fingers crossed WordPress will one day make that theme that I’ll love forever.


  2. Aww. So honoured to be apart of your blog again, lovely Kat. ❤️I’m so glad this one resonated with you: I’m so sure you and I are twins born countries apart. Ha ha ha. xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Always, Brooke, always! You always manage to put into words the way my heart feels just when I need it and it’s always my pleasure to share it with as many as I can. Reading your posts is like receiving a warm hug and the world could definitely use more of those.


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