Upcoming at The Lily Cafe #9

Breaks are never really long enough, are they? Well, I’m back and reasonably ready to get back into this blogging thing. As I mentioned in my previous Upcoming post (don’t worry, I didn’t remember what I wrote in it until I started on this one), this spring sees my family house hunting. The next 3 months, at least, will be incredibly stressful for more than just that reason, but I do have most of that time planned out. Hopefully there won’t be weeks going by with nothing posted. But there are still 2-3 weeks left before I really have to panic. It’s just all around bad timing, but at least my kids are doing great in school! One received a 4.0 for the fall semester and I’ve started the other one on Kindergarten material because she’s almost mastered all the things on those “what should children learn in preschool” lists.

Let’s Catch Up a Bit

Well, the last week and a half have been…an adventure. Unfortunately, it was not a fun one. Here in Southern California we were melting in 80+ degrees. My area happened to see 90 degrees for a couple of days. But it was worse because our air conditioning decided to conk out. It was a complete mess working things out and it took over a week to finally get it fixed, but at least our temperatures dropped into the 60s and 70s last week. Unfortunately, the heat was out as well since it turned out the motor decided to die. It’s been an interesting winter. It’s also meant I was nowhere near as productive as I had planned, but I’ve adjusted my schedule accordingly.

On a bright note, the LA football team won? And we got to see some fireworks? Honestly, I don’t care. I’d rather read than watch sports. I don’t even know much beyond LA has a football team.

Even better, my cat finally found some use for the cat tree she’s spent more than a year avoiding: escaping her human siblings. I don’t know why, but my kids have become fascinated by her. My son likes to have staring contests with her. They’re trying to pet her, but her claws and teeth still scare them. The cat seems to have gotten her second wind and is now really playful, so the kids love luring her out of her hiding spots so they can try to play with her. The cat is not amused. Her tree is her safe spot, so she’s been spending more time there.

What’s Up Next

Honestly, I have no clue. I have several reviews, Sisters of String and Glass, more Impressions, a post on writing Sisters that I promised in my Digest, some bookish memories. And, if I’m lucky, finalizing the story I’m going to write next with the intent of trying to get it traditionally published.

Since the next few weeks will see my off-blog life probably going haywire, I’m not making too many promises here, but I will be posting at least a few times a week. It’s just been more thinned out than originally planned, and the posts will tend to be a bit shorter. My fingers are crossed nothing horrible happens in a pandemic way over the summer and my kids can get back into the classroom without me worrying too much so I can get back into a more robust schedule.

Anyone have anything exciting coming up the next couple of months? Any upcoming posts you’re excited to share?

Sincerely, kat

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2 thoughts on “Upcoming at The Lily Cafe #9

  1. “Honestly, I don’t care. I’d rather read than watch sports. I don’t even know much beyond LA has a football team.”

    This made me chuckle! So sorry about the weather and misadventure. I hope house hunting goes wonderfully, and you shall be missed!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! It’s been an interesting start to the new year, but so much seems overshadowed by greater events going on in the world. It’s a good thing there are always books to serve as great distractions, and I’ll definitely be jumping on all your posts to help with that as well!

      Liked by 1 person

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