Sisters of String and Glass, Part 125

Chapter Thirty-One

Note: I’m so thrilled to announce I finally finished writing this! Since I’m no longer trying to post while writing, and especially now that it’s written, I’ve decided to post a little of it Monday-Friday, but I’m not sticking to a one chapter per week style of posting. I hope you enjoy!

It was not surprising to me that the first place Camille went to after the Rodericks released her was straight to James and Poppy. She reported their house was very lovely and they had a daughter named Elaina who appeared to be around the same age as Robert Roderick. Elaina hadn’t been home at the time, which was fortuitous as my sister went into a great deal of detail when recounting the war.

It was before dawn when Adrian was roused from sleep. For once, he had allowed himself to be dragged off to bed by Abigail. It had helped that she now had two guards at all times and they were more than happy to do her bidding. She at least left him with a soft kiss, and he was certain he was asleep before she had even left.

But a night of uninterrupted sleep wasn’t to be. It was Abigail who had woken him, sneaking into his rooms in the dark, her guards like giant shadows towering over her. She wore a dark cloak and her hair tumbled in tangles. Her eyes, though, were wide and panicked.

Adrian had come awake slowly, yawning as he glanced out the windows. He’d suppressed a groan at seeing it was still dark out.

“Adrian, you must come quickly,” she had whispered as he scratched at his jaw.

He had been instantly awake then, at the panic in her voice, throwing off his covers and quickly dressing. “What is it?”

“On the beach,” Abigail whispered, scrambling to her feet.

“The beach?” he asked, pausing.

She nodded, her hair flying around her face, her hands clasped tightly before her, too ladylike to wring them. “Camille woke me a short time ago. One of the serving girls had been out on a stroll with a soldier due to sail out this morning. They saw the body and she went straight for Violet, Olidan Manor’s housekeeper. Violet went straight to Camille and, well, Camille told me.”

Adrian had frowned. “A body?”

Abigail had nodded vigorously, an anxious look on her face. “Please, Adrian, hurry.”

“Why the rush? There are bodies washing up all the time.”

Abigail’s face had paled. “It’s not just anyone’s body, Adrian.”

He had sighed, but moved as quickly as Abigail had urged. Her face had been startling pale in the dark and she had clearly tumbled out of bed, so he should as well.

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5 thoughts on “Sisters of String and Glass, Part 125

  1. As Lucia said, congrats on finishing the story! It’s always a great feeling to reach the end =)

    As for the story…my suspicious brain wonders if this is indeed Abigail or if this is a trap somehow. And my curious brain wonders whose body washed up.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! It’s definitely an amazing feeling.

      Haha, I think I was far less suspicious than I perhaps needed to be when writing this. Though I was starting to lose steam during the last third because something new and shiny had caught my attention. Poor Sisters, I’m sorry it had to suffer so much.

      Liked by 1 person

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