Sisters of String and Glass, Part 135

Chapter Thirty-Four

With a new world to explore at her fingertips, Camille went off to explore a city called New York. It was Poppy’s idea. She told my sister about a city with towering buildings, with lights and sounds and people everywhere. There were endless adventures at every corner. My sister was intrigued. So she went. I was more terrified than she was. But my sister is strikingly beautiful. As she walked into something called a hotel, a woman spotted her and asked to take her picture.

Long hours after he’d brought Abigail to her father’s body, Adrian had finally managed to tuck her into her own bed. She’d been limp in his arms, her eyes staring and her arms dangling. Her chest rose and fell unevenly, her body worn out from her sobs.

He’d stayed with her, sitting on the side of her bed, holding her hand, until her eyes finally closed and she’d begun to quietly snore. He’d smiled at that, fully aware he’d be sleeping with that noise every night soon enough.

Of course, he wouldn’t ask for marriage until she’d grieved. But he would ask soon enough.

It had been the early hours of the morning when he’d finally stumbled down to his study. It was dark and chilly, but he only lit the fae lights. There was enough warmth to their glow that he would survive until the staff awoke and began to light the fires. After all, it wouldn’t be the first time one of them found him at his desk.

He would need to arrange for a proper burial for Lawrence. The King would insist on it, with all the pomp he could muster. Of course, that meant waiting for the King to return from the seas, but Adrian would send for fae to preserve the body.

Adrian quickly pulled out a piece of parchment and a pen from a drawer that was always magically filled with what he needed. Though he did suspect Kyanan was the efficient being behind it. He’d need to remember to thank her for it. Soon.

In moments, he’d had a letter to The Spindle written out and was in the process of sealing it with the Crown Prince of the Glass Kingdom’s seal when a serving girl entered. She hesitated at seeing him, but dropped into a deep curtsey when he smiled and waved for her to light the fire.

“Take this to be sent out, would you?” he asked, handing over the sealed letter just before she left.

The girl hesitated again before quickly taking the letter, careful to keep her fingers as far away from his as she could. She dropped another deep curtsey before scampering out of the room, passing by Kyanan on the way.

“Scaring the staff, are you?” Kyanan asked, her voice light, but her eyes belying the heaviness she must have been carrying. She hadn’t been close to the Count Olidan, but he had been the one to notice her.

“Not intentionally,” Adrian protested, leaning back. “So many of them are new. I suppose being this close to royalty must be a complete novelty to them.”

Kyanan shrugged as she sagged into one of the chairs across from him. “How is Abigail?”

Adrian sighed. “She finally fell asleep a few hours ago. I settled her in her bed before coming down.” He sighed. “I still need to inform Camille.”

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    1. Muriel and Madeline have been a major problem for me; I can’t figure out how to get more of their plotting and planning into the story without adding too many POVs! But I have the sneaking suspicion they have an interesting story going on. As for Camille, she’s full of surprises.

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