Book Highlight: Summer of Georgie by Kerry Crisley

summer of georgie kerry crisley

Title: Summer of Georgie

Author: Kerry Crisley

Publisher: Lazy Sunday Books

Publication Date: December 3, 2021

Genre: Women’s Fiction

Deep into her 40s with a lackluster career, Georgie wonders how she became so…underwhelming. If she’s not battling her micromanaging boss and egotistical CEO, she’s trying to quiet her inner voice, the one whispering that she hasn’t lived up to the cool, funny and creative person she used to be.

When she’s fired for finally pushing back on her CEO’s questionable business practices, Georgie – with the support of her husband and book club friends– uses her free summer to rekindle latent talents and redefine success. But just as she figures out what’s next, an unexpected hurdle threatens to turn her summer of opportunity into a zero-sum disaster.

Summer of Georgie is a fresh and likably snarky take on the “middle age do-over,” with an authentic portrayal of friendship, marriage, motherhood, and that inner critic inside us all.

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Why This Book

Summer of Georgie is a women’s fiction novel about a middle-aged mother, Georgie, of two, one of whom has autism, who unexpectedly is fired from a job she hates anyways. With her husband’s support and the support of some incredible women around her, Georgie takes the plunge and devotes the summer to preparing for a bike ride she didn’t want to sign up for but decided she may as well complete, and figure out what’s next for her.

Why this book? Set during the summer, it’s a perfect summertime read. It’s also a fun story of a woman figuring herself out while arguing with the delightfully snarky voice in her head and getting some much needed family time with her children. With plenty of heat shining down on her in Massachusetts and plenty of summertime activities for her and her family, nothing quite says summer like this fun novel of women, business, family, and determination alongside a healthy dose of amazing women.


My review: “This book is an absolute gem for my women’s fiction loving heart. It’s literally everything I love about the genre: the focus on a woman figuring out her life, the strong group of supportive females, the surprisingly complex and realistic me”

Sindhu from The Content Creator said “A fun read, this book will make you root for Georgie’s success. I enjoyed it more because it is about women helping other women.”

Andi from Andie’s Book Reviews said “I think a lot of readers in their 30s and above are going to relate to these characters and the life questions.”

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