Book Highlight: The Mermaids Melt at Dawn by Grendolyn Peach Soleil

The Mermaids Melt at Dawn by Grendolyn Peach Soleil, a fantasy full of mythology, folk lore, and mermaids

Title: The Mermaids Melt at Dawn

Author: Grendolyn Peach Soleil

Publisher: Self-published

Publication Date: July 20, 2020

Genre: Fantasy, Folklore

Faraway, on the edge of a sapphire sea, there’s a fabled island where Cajun folklore meets Greek mythology, where the bayou meets the sea, and where humans meet mermaids.

On the surface, The Mermaids Melt at Dawn appears innocent enough, but the swamp hags and sea witches of old remind us that appearances can be deceiving. Filled with fascinating characters, a touch of romance, some wicked twists, and a dash of magic, The Mermaids Melt at Dawn is a captivating voyage for fans of historical fiction, fairy tales, and mythology.

From the Louisiana swamps to the wild waters of Barbiche Island, Rok Lejeune embarks on a nautical adventure to the mystic island of mermaids, but Rok is not the only creature with a story to tell. Barbiche Island is home to a pair of warring mermaid sisters, power-hungry Poseidon, petulant gods, and other mysterious monsters. The mermaids of Barbiche Island sing of love, survival, and betrayal, but will they answer the burning question? Why do the mermaids melt at dawn?

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Why This Book

The Mermaids Melt at Dawn contains 10 connected yarns that are spun together to tell the stories of a boy from the Louisiana bayou and the mermaid sisters living at war with each other at Barbiche Island. This is a dreamy, dark fairy tale that both makes me think of sunlight and sparkling waters as well as pain and death. There’s something extremely special about Soleil’s writing, contributing to the idea that this is more than just a book; it just might be a new folk tale.

Why this book? The overarching story is a bit brutal, especially when it comes to the mermaids, but I can’t help but think of Barbiche Island as a beautiful vacation destination. An island with two mermaids swimming around it, it sounds idyllic on the surface, with its sun and sand, but, since this is a dark fairy tale, there’s a sinister overtone to it, making it delightfully shrouded in mystery.


My review: “Each yarn feels more like a self-contained story connected to the larger idea of the legendary mermaids of Barbiche Island, but, put together, they’re a beautiful spiral of a larger, darker story that only adds more mystery and drama while entertaining”

Barbara Bamberger Scott from Feathered Quill Book Reviews said “The intermingling of Greek myth, European history and scenes from the Louisiana swamps is captivating, especially when combined with Soleil’s vibrant imagery of the loves and lusts of mermaids and the men they enchant. Her adult fairy tale borders on poetry, and will attract readers with imaginations as unfettered as her own”

Literary Titan gave this 5 stars, saying “As the reader travels closer to Barbiche, the spun tale gets darker and darker still. There is so much loss in a book that gives so much life. The Mermaids Melt at Dawn is an imaginative adventure over the sea, filled with fantastic creatures, and guided by childlike wonder”

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