First, Middle, and Last Impressions – July 27, 2022

I love taking a look at a book cover and description and then coming up with my own idea of what the book will be about. Sometimes I’m right, sometimes I’m so wrong it’s almost funny. So I’ve decided to write about my first, middle, and last impressions of each book I read, as well as a little bit on why I wanted to read it because sometimes, when I’ve finished, I really can’t remember.

The first impression is based solely on the cover and description. What do I think it will be about?

The middle impression is kind of a check-in on how the story is going about halfway through.

The last impression is my final thoughts on the book, what I’m left thinking.

I hope you have as much fun with this as I will!

Primeval Fire by C.T. Rwizi – Fantasy

primeval fire ct rwizi

Why I want to read this: This is the last book in the trilogy. I’ve been on pins and needles waiting for it ever since I finished reading the second book. Talk about a cliff hanger! I’m both terrified and eager to read this one, but I know it’s going to be good because this series is amazing!

First Impression: I really don’t know what this third book in the trilogy is about as I haven’t really looked, but, after the way the second book ended, I’m dying to know how this concludes.

Middle Impression: The world seriously just exploded and so many things are starting to come together. There are also a couple of pieces that are puzzling me, but I have faith they’ll be resolved. I do wish the romance that’s suddenly become a huge presence had been hinted at more during the first two books, though.

Last Impression: I can’t believe it’s over! The ending was incredibly satisfying, but I am seriously going to miss these characters and this world. It was quite an adventure, and I loved how magic and technology worked so seamlessly together. This book is packed with stuff, but it’s never overwhelming.

My review

The Magic of Lemon Drop Pie by Rachel Linden – Women’s Fiction

the magic of lemon drop pie rachel linden

Why I want to read this: The premise for this one strongly reminds me of the premise of one of my favorite novels from my early NetGalley days, If Only by Melanie Murphy. Both books are about a woman who gets the chance to briefly live a life she could have had and then what she does with that information.

First Impression: I loved If Only so much, so I’m hoping this one will be just as magical and just as fun, or maybe it’ll just feel like a rip off. I don’t know, but I like the idea of using lemons and lemon pie, so I’m excited to get into this one. I’m really hoping for a beautiful women’s fiction story.

Middle Impression: This has all the elements I love in women’s fiction, as well as food, family, a weird old lady, picturesque setting, clean romance. I should be loving it, but I don’t find myself warming up to it halfway through. I do love the references as Lolly is actually close to my age, so she basically grew up the same time I was and it was so great to see references I actually got. But the focus on a failed relationship feels weird and Lolly just feels sad to me.

Last Impression: This should have been an easy 5 cups of tea for me, but I failed to get into this one the entire way through. I found the ending to be predictable and Lolly to be more likely to buckle than pull herself up. It is a sweet story and has all the elements I love in women’s fiction and books in general, but I felt it lacked the vibrancy and life of If Only.

Six Feet Deep Dish by Mindy Quigly – Cozy Mystery

six feet deep dish mindy quigley

Why I want to read this: A cozy mystery with food (though the pizza, I feel, is more for my husband and kids, the pizza fiends), a cat, and a cute police detective. Sounds a lot like a lot of cozy mysteries I’ve enjoyed, so how can I resist?

First Impression: This is a food cozy mystery with a cat, though I could do without all the pizza to come, so I’m hoping this will be fun.

What about you?

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