Upcoming at The Lily Cafe #12

Hi, and welcome back to the Cafe!

Let’s Catch Up a Bit

After a badly needed “vacation” for the first time in 8 years, I think I’m ready to get this blog to what it was before the pandemic started. Though, of course, I also plan on spending some of those school hours cleaning, running errands, and volunteering at my children’s school, so we’ll see how it all goes.

My kids have started their second week of school, and I’m definitely missing them more than they’re missing me. My 3rd grader hates homework, but has done an amazing job readjusting to the classroom, which was a huge worry for me since he’s been home since schools closed in March 2020. My Kindergartener is an eager learner ready to walk through the gate without a backward glance. She really loves school, and I hope she will continue to love it when the material starts to grow more challenging. While the kids are at school, it’s mostly me and my cat knocking around at home. The cat has been so used to them that she’s now taken to idly wandering and staring at me. And I am enjoying having the whole couch to myself. No little feet kicking me in the face, no little bodies climbing onto my lap, and no little hands grabbing my face. It’s quiet, though, to the point where the clock ticking is starting to get on my nerves.

In other news, now that I’m not running around taking care of everything and the kids, my body has taken it upon itself to loudly complain about everything I’ve put it through over the past 8 years. I expected to feel more energetic with the kids at school, but now I’m feeling every ache and pain literally everywhere. I also have an impressive number of bruises that I don’t recall acquiring.

Well, I guess now it’s off to…write some posts. And catch up on reviews. Let’s not think about how far behind I am.

What’s Up Next

I don’t know, but I’m reminded I still need to write up my Grand Marnier souffle post. I have some vague plans, but I’m not putting anything in stone until I actually start something because life loves playing jokes on me. Though I do hope to get more discussion posts up because my brain is feeling a little cluttered with them.

Anyone have anything exciting coming up the next couple of months? Any upcoming posts you’re excited to share?

Sincerely, kat

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One thought on “Upcoming at The Lily Cafe #12

  1. The return to school is something I look forward to all summer if only because it means autumn in coming soon. It’s also nice that my daughter goes back to having a real schedule, which means I have a real writing schedule again! <> my third book in coming out this October and it’s another reason to look forward to the changing seasons. The souffle sounds delicious!


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