The Curated Bookshelf: September 2022’s Theme

Welcome to this month’s Curated Bookshelf! I went back and forth between two themes for this month. One had to do with motherhood and the other with children, but, for whatever reason, I didn’t want to connect them. September happens to be the first full month both of my kids will be in the classroom. So, continuing to keep my kids in my mind, this month’s theme is Books with Children.

I’m not surprised by how much I miss my kids. I am enjoying the peace and quiet, though my cat has become demanding enough for the both of them. But I spend my days counting down the hours to when I pick them up. During that final hour before I have to leave, I find myself doing little more than watching the clock. Sometimes I’m also dealing with a demanding cat. I’ve been having a difficult time breaking out of the schedule I set for my kids, so I still sometimes find myself looking up at around noon to ask what they want for lunch, only to find quiet, or a cat staring at me. So I’ve decided to highlight books with children, but, since I mostly read adult books, they’re not books I would be handing over to either kid until they’re, well, a lot older.

This month, I’ve chosen 12 books that feature children. Some are in school, some are powerful, some are sent on journeys they’re not quite ready for.

Throughout this month, I’ll be giving each book its own Highlight post. I’ll discuss why I chose that particular book as well as put a spotlight on it, other reviews, and multiple purchase links. As I mentioned when I first introduced The Curated Bookshelf, I won’t earn a cent if you choose to use one of the links to purchase a book (I am not affiliated with any purchase sites), but the author/publisher will. Choose wisely?

I’m excited to share the 12 books I’ve chosen, and they’ll remain on the shelf until September 30th. On October 1st, there will be a new set of books and a new theme.

Feel free to check out all the books I’ll be highlighting on The Curated Bookshelf from the menu or via this link.

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy September’s books!

2 thoughts on “The Curated Bookshelf: September 2022’s Theme

  1. 🤔 I hadn’t thought to take your theme literally and pick books that feature children. I think there are many classics that are important for children to read, like Harry Potter or Pippi Longstocking or Narnia.


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