It’s an AC Kind of Weekend

It’s been a long time since I’ve written a personal kind of post like this, but, with my kids at school, my brain has finally started feeling less like mushy Swiss cheese. I don’t yet have clarity about book related posts (having enough trouble with reviews at the moment so let’s not contemplate how far behind I am on that front), so I thought I’d share something a little more personal.

My kids have a 4 day weekend to celebrate Labor Day, which still sometimes feels disjointed from my childhood memories since school didn’t start until after Labor Day when I was their ages. But I am looking forward to that long weekend with them. I know it’ll be noisy and chaotic, but I’m really not used to all the quiet. And all the meowing my cat does at me every weekday. Sometimes I think she sounds hoarse from so much talking.

This is the first long weekend my kids will have this year. And then there’s a random Monday off followed by a Wednesday, of all days, off. And they get out early for Halloween. Now I just need to find a very non-scary Halloween event for us. I still don’t like going out much, but we’re all fully vaccinated and I suppose I do have to get my kids back out there to enjoy life at some point. We’re still ardent mask wearers and hand sanitizer users. My kids know to hold out their hands for a squirt before we even leave the Kindergarten yard (my little baby is a Kindergartener! How did that happen?). So I guess it’s time.

Anyways, I had plans of taking them somewhere today. Get them out for a little bit, maybe visit a garden site or even go with Daddy to work and play at a nearby park. My daughter’s been asking for that, though I think she just wants to play on the swings and see the butterfly bench.

But…we’re under an excessive heat warning all the way through Monday night. Potentially until Tuesday or Wednesday. No one’s been quite clear on that yet. We’ve also started up with Flex Alerts with yesterday the second on this past week. Well, it is summer, and August and September here are always the hottest, but I’m still not happy with the 100+ temperatures. We’ve been under this warning since Tuesday, and it’s been excruciating sending my kids to school knowing that, at some point during the day, they’re going to be outside in that heat, no matter how brief. I just don’t like the idea of my kids feeling hot. But at least they’ll be home for the rest of the heat warning. Mostly, at least. Next week is in the 100s every day. We’ll definitely be running the AC this weekend, so fingers crossed we don’t get a blackout.

On another note, since my kids are home, I won’t be around here much. Mostly because my son keeps asking to play the online math program his class uses. On a day off. Because, to him, Friday, even if there’s no school, is a school day. I’m a little bewildered at his intense love of school, but I also hope he doesn’t lose it. And my daughter will be expecting time to play ABC Mouse. So I’ve decided to just give up on doing much of anything blog-related.

See you again on Tuesday, though I do have a couple of Book Highlights planned.

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