Book Highlight: DreamRovers: Price of Deliverance by Christie Valentine Powell

DreamRovers: Price of Deliverance by Christie Valentine Powell

Title: DreamRovers: Price of Deliverance (DreamRovers #1)

Author: Christie Valentine Powell

Publisher: Self-published

Publication Date: April 2, 2021

Genre: Fantasy

The world hates dream-roving abilities. To survive, three exiles need a family.

Indra has lived inside of dreams since her mother’s execution. It’s a lonely life, but it keeps her safe and connected to her mother’s memory. Joining other dreamrovers would tether her to reality, but she’d gain the family she always wanted—if they survive long enough.

Walker was one of the king’s personal bodyguards, but he escaped court life after his family was executed for dreamroving. Helping other rovers build a new home might make up for his past mistakes, especially his actions that ignited the dreamrover prejudice.

Fifteen-year-old Norma lost everything when her village discovered her family’s abilities. When her sister insists that dreamrovers are evil, Norma must decide between her dreams and her family.

As persecution grows, all three struggle to defend their new family. Hatred runs deep, and escape is no longer an option—not even through dreams.

Why This Book

DreamRovers: Price of Deliverance tells a fascinating, well-balanced story of a special group of people who have the ability to walk through people’s dreams. As expected, there are a lot of issues and problems around this, no matter how beneficial it may be. I really loved that this novel presented both sides in a way that makes it possible for the reader to determine what to think of each side for themselves.

But I’m selecting this book because of one of the teenage characters. While there are a number of other, younger children as the story involves a rather large family, it’s the teen daughter Norma who takes center stage for this family. The journal she keeps is woven through the story, revealing her thoughts and feelings about dreamroving. She was able to put the ability into simple and easy to understand terms while also developing her own voice which often was a mix of adolescent and mature. But each of her siblings is also given their own unique voice and personality that made it easy to pick them apart and liven up the story.


My review: “It follows the persecuted and the persecutors and paints such vivid picture of both sides that I never felt one was completely good and one completely bad. It felt like an incredibly well-done balancing act to explore both sides and present their arguments. The characters were particularly instrumental and everything about who they are only bolsters the strength of this story”

Mary Lanni said “This book is a really interesting take on humanity and the things that connect and separate us”

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