No Tomorrow, Part 39

Noon – continued

“Congratulations,” Anna burst out as she tried to hug both Daniel and Alex at the same time.

“Thanks,” her grandson said shyly, still fully dressed in his suit.

“Welcome to the family,” Anna said, warmly embracing Alex.

“Thanks, Anna. I wish it could be for longer than just half a day.”

“At least it’s something. Your grandpa and I would have wished that you two could be married for as long as we have been, but life happens. And so do asteroids.”

Daniel nodded miserably and reached out to take Alex’s hand. “Yeah. Stupid space junk. Come on, Alex. I’m hungry.”

“Hungry?” Alex repeated as his husband dragged him to the backyard. “You just ate about a hundred appetizers back at the reception.”

Anna laughed as Alex’s voice faded away and joined the cacophony of the backyard. Then she turned to her granddaughter and hugged Stacie tightly.

“How are you doing, honey?” Anna asked, tucking a strand of her granddaughter’s hair behind her ear.

“I’m okay, Grandma. I’m coping. I’ll be okay. Don’t worry about me.”

“Honey, I’m your grandmother. I just want you to be happy.”

“I’m going out with some friends tonight and I’m going to see if Jenna wants to join us. I hear that Abigail has plans with a certain guy.”

Anna raised an eyebrow. “Oh? Do tell.”

Stacie linked arms with her grandmother and they made their way into the kitchen so Stacie could help move the rest of the food out into the backyard.

“Yeah. She just met this guy named Grant this morning at Magic Beans. Apparently, they really hit it off and she gave him her number. She said he seemed really interested in her, so she’s thinking he’s going to give her a call.”

“Grant,” Anna repeated musingly. “I met a Grant once. Nice young man, he was. Does he play the piano, by any chance?”

Stacie scratched her head as she thought. “I think so. I think she said he worked at the piano bar.”

Anna nodded. “There is a Grant who plays the piano there. Your grandfather and I have been there a few times. He’s very talented. And he looks like a nice young man, too. Good for Abigail.” She placed a hand on Stacie’s shoulder. “And I hope you meet someone, too, today.”

Stacie laughed and smiled. “I hope so, too. But, if not, at least I get to spend time with family and friends.”

Anna smiled as Stacie took the rolls and walked out into the backyard. She stayed in the kitchen a little longer, letting all the smells and sounds waft around her. She was happy to have her family with her today. It made her feel fulfilled, and prepared to die in Jacob’s arms at midnight.

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