No Tomorrow, Part 41

1:00 pm – continued

“So, about that girl,” Rob said as he turned yet another corner just a hair too fast. “You gonna call her?”

Grant shrugged and glanced out the window to watch as they sped by a row of houses at over forty miles per hour. It was a good thing the cops had given up and closed the police stations. “Eventually.”

“Eventually? Man, today’s the last day. You don’t have time tomorrow,” Rob said, starting to laugh, “because there won’t be a tomorrow!”

Grant cast a worried look at his friend. Rob wasn’t usually like this when he was hung over. Usually, he snapped at everyone. “You’re taking that fact pretty well, Rob.”

Rob shrugged, still grinning like a fool. “Yeah, well, I’ve had more time to think about it since I stopped working before you did. Besides, I think I’m okay with it. I mean, I’ve enjoyed my life. I had a great girlfriend. I’m not a virgin. Yeah. I think I’m happy with the life I lived. Besides, how much better can my life get? I really wasn’t getting anywhere at that office. I would’ve had to go to law school to get anywhere, and that’s just wasted time. And far more schooling than I wanted to do and more money than I wanted to spend. But back to that girl. What’d you say her name was?”

“Abigail. She was really nice. A little conservative, but we had just met, after all. But she was nice. I’ll call her soon.”

“Why don’t you give her a call now? She’s probably waiting.”

“You think so?”

Rob arched an eyebrow, turning his eyes away from the empty road. “You did say she seemed interested in you, didn’t you?”

“Well, yeah. It seemed that way. Rob, eyes on the road!”

“Whoops!” Rob laughed as he quickly jerked the wheel to one side, just in time to avoid a light post.

Grant gripped the door handle and grit his teeth as the car quickly swerved in the direction opposite the pole. He mentally shook his head and flexed his fingers as Rob straightened out the car. “Watch the road, would you?”

“You know this whole world is going to be blown to smithereens at midnight,” Rob said, ignoring his friend and continuing on with their conversation.

“Yeah,” Grant said slowly, keeping a close eye on the road for his friend and wondering what this conversation was leading up to.

“And you know you won’t be around tomorrow because, face it, you’re going to be dead and probably in a million little pieces.”

“You’re morbid, Rob. Come on, let’s just go home.”

“Nah. I need some fresh food. Ah, here we go.”

Rob made a quick right turn and Grant was slammed into his door as Rob turned and careened into the parking lot of the last open supermarket in the area. Grant was only glad that the lot was practically deserted. There were a handful of other cars, but, fortunately, no people around.

“Ouch! Slow down, Rob. At this rate, you’re going to be the death of me, not those explosives.”

Rob laughed as he pulled into a parking spot. “Then you’d better hurry up and call Abigail before it’s too late and you’re already dead.”

Rob turned off the car and rolled down Grant’s window before hopping out and locking the doors. He didn’t seem to care that his own window had been stuck wide open for the past month. Swaying slightly, Rob walked around to Grant’s window and leaned inside, breathing his alcohol laden breath on his best friend.

“Call this girl first, and then come in and find me, okay? Look, Grant, I don’t have a girlfriend anymore, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want one. You have the chance to have a nice, warm, female body next to you when the world ends. Don’t toss this chance away, man. She might be waiting for you. And if you don’t call soon, a pretty girl like her is going to be snatched up by someone else, someone who isn’t whiling away his time, waiting for just the right time to call her. So, hurry up and call her and hope you haven’t already missed your chance. Okay?”

Rob didn’t wait for his friend to answer. He just turned and walked away, his flip flops clicking against the ground, whistling a tune as he walked into the market, hands jammed into his shorts’ pockets.

Grant dug out his phone and Abigail’s card. He stared at them with his phone in one hand and the card lying in the other. Rob was right. He had to call Abigail before it was too late. He did hope it wasn’t too late.

“I hate it when you’re right,” Grant muttered to his absent friend, glad Rob wasn’t around to hear it.

With a sigh, Grant punched in the numbers and pressed the call button. The phone rang four times before she answered.

“Hello?” She sounded a little breathless, as though she’d been running around or, heaven forbid, been engaged in some other active activity he didn’t want to contemplate her engaging in.

Grant cleared his throat, suddenly feeling very nervous, like the teenage boy he no longer was. “Abigail?”

“Yeah.” She sounded more normal now and a little suspicious.

“It’s, um, it’s Grant. From this morning. At Magic Beans.”

“Oh!” she exclaimed, her voice now sounding more like he remembered. “Yes. Hi, Grant. I’m glad you called. I’m at a party with my family right now, so I can’t talk for too long.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll be quick. I was just wondering if you were still planning on getting together with your friends at the party tonight.”

“Yeah, we are. We’re meeting around seven or so.”

“I’m heading there myself with some of my friends. Maybe our groups could meet up at some point.”

“Yeah. Sounds great. I have your number now, so I guess we can just call each other until we find each other.”

“Yeah. Okay. Great. Sounds like a plan. I’m looking forward to seeing you tonight.”

“Yeah, me, too. Okay. I’ve got to get going. See you tonight.”

“See you.”

They hung up and Grant blew out a breath before getting out of the car. That had been easier than he had thought it would be. And he was glad he hadn’t stumbled over himself. More than that, he was glad Abigail had remembered him and actually wanted to spend part of her last night alive with him.

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