Book Review: Six Feet Apart: Love in Quarantine by Elena Greyrock

Title: Six Feet Apart: Love in Quarantine

Author: Elena Greyrock

Publisher: Self-published

Publication date: September 5, 2020

Genre: Romance

One Sentence Summary: After a chance socially distant meeting, Luna and Stryker form a romance that burns hot, but secrets could spell disaster for them.

six feet apart elena greyrock


Six Feet Apart: Love in Quarantine is set in 2025 in a world where COVID rules and regulations are a normal part of life, where wearing a mask is just what you do, unless you’re lucky enough to be fully sprayed with a super expensive disinfecting spray. But this isn’t a pandemic story; it’s a bright and hot romance between two hot people. Luna may be a shy introvert, but she knows her worth and value and has a fantastic story where she develops her confidence. Stryker has a few secrets in his closet, but it was so sweet to see just how much of his heart belonged to Luna. Despite being insanely hot looking, they really felt down to Earth, so their romance was very sweet and I loved following their journey. Six Feet Apart is a fast, easy read, but really packed in a sweet story.

Extended Thoughts

Six Feet Apart: Love in Quarantine was published during the first year of the COVID pandemic and imagines a life where the virus is constantly mutating and living with all the COVID rules, regulations, and guidelines is now a natural part of life in 2025. It follows Luna, a shy and introverted rising influencer, and Stryker, a young man with incredible musical talent. This romance between two very hot people burns hot and fast, but Stryker has a secret that might make it impossible for Luna to forgive him for hiding, creating stumbling blocks that might have them forever stumbling away from each other.

I was quite on the fence about reading a pandemic book, but I was hooked by a romance involving an introverted character. It also sounded like a really cute story, but I was surprised by the sudden turn of events halfway through. There’s a lot more to these two than meets the eye, and I found it impossible to not want them to find their way back to each other. I wasn’t thrilled about reading a romance between two very hot people who continually referred to each other as such all the time, but I did find their romance to be cute and heartwarming and I really was pulling for them.

Even though the constant description of how hot Luna and Stryker are quickly became tiresome for me, there really is a little more to them than meets the eye. I liked Luna. She starts off shy and introverted, though very aware of how good looking she is. As the story goes along, she finds her footing after abruptly losing her job, which gave her a huge confidence boost that was just so nice to see. She was such a sweet character and I loved her and her story. Stryker initially seemed like one of those guys where there isn’t really much more than meets the eye, but his commitment to Luna, even when they hit the inevitable road bump, really endeared me to him. He initially came off as a bit of a sleazy womanizer who expected women to fall all over themselves for him, but, the more I read of him, the more I liked him. He has a good heart and his own career story was, while not as fantastic as Luna’s, still great.

Six Feet Apart is a relatively short and very fast read. That means their romance really flew by. I felt like I got a little bit of whiplash with just how quickly their relationship progressed and that the story relied a little too much on how hot they both are. But the second half of the book really helped to make up for it. I loved reading about their careers taking off and how much they still longed for each other. It was so sweet to see them work their way back together, and I loved just how perfectly they slotted together. And I have to mention Santana, Luna’s gay friend who was every bit as supportive as a fantastic friend in a romance novel, and then some. I wished to have read more of him, but, when he was present, he just owned his page time without overshadowing Luna and was just so much fun to read.

But the best part of Six Feet Apart was just how naturally COVID was woven in. It’s five years on from when the pandemic shut things down, so imagines a world where COVID has seriously mutated and now things like having to wear masks and even having to get approval to officially date someone are a normal part of life. I liked how COVID wasn’t overplayed and how, instead, it was just a part of life and impacted how they did certain things without anyone putting up a fuss. I did feel there was an overuse of a certain disinfecting spray, but, considering the circles Luna and Stryker moved in, it did make sense, but also felt like it made things a little too easy. Still, I don’t wish to have seen more of the pandemic woven in. It was just a really nice touch that everything was considered to be normal.

Six Feet Apart kicks off in New York City at a time where the cities are the epicenters. Luna and Stryker and even Santana felt suitably isolated, taking care whenever they were in close quarters with others. But the story quickly relocated them to California, which was a surprising thrill to me as a Californian. There are a lot of things that happen in my home state and beyond into neighboring states, but I definitely haven’t experienced even a small percentage of it all. Six Feet Apart took me to Burning Man and Coachella, though I’ve never been to either so can’t remark on any authenticity. It also took me into the homes and lives of the elite, with exclusive parties and views of the ocean. While the locations weren’t very detailed, I still felt transported into a world I live on the very fringes of.

Six Feet Apart is a fast, easy read with a romance between two hot people that burns hot and bright. I really liked Luna and Stryker together, so was glad to be along for the ride of their relationship. While it felt like their romance started out a little too easily, I loved the wenches that were thrown in, and the later exploration of their career developments was fantastic. I loved the depth it gave to them. This really was a fun, light romance with some great characters.

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