Book Highlight: On a Blue Moon by Willow

Book Review: On a Blue Moon by Willow (R. J. Parker) - a fascinating first book in the Daughters of Firth Tales series

Title: On a Blue Moon (The Daughters of Firth Tales #1)

Author: Willow

Publisher: Self-published

Publication Date: February 3, 2022

Genre: Fantasy

While Sam is canoeing on a wilderness lake in Canada he’s abducted and taken to a moon deep in space. Sam’s near death when a young girl, Willow, saves his life. Later, he saves her from a life of abuse by the leader of her society. In doing so, he incurs the leader’s wrath and must flee for his life along with Willow, her mother, and her uncle.

During their long journey they make enduring friendships and deadly enemies in their quest to find a place to live in peace. A quest that increasingly becomes hopeless and tragic, until a battle in which they are greatly outnumbered decides their fate.

Why This Book

On a Blue Moon is really Sam’s story, about how he, an ordinary man from Earth, is plucked out by aliens and transported to an alien blue moon. There, he meets a whole cast of interesting people and creatures, including Willow. Willow is a young girl with boundless energy. Everything about her is infectious and she was truly a delight to read about.

When the reader first meets Willow, she is a grown woman telling the story of how she and Sam came into each other’s lives. She feels much calmer as an adult, so it was really her childhood documented in this book that absolutely sparkled. I loved everything about her. She always seemed so cheerful and was never short on ideas, making their journey quite an interesting one, even if it did take some painful turns.


My review: “I was delighted to meet Willow fairly early on. She was so much fun to read about, always full of boundless energy and ideas seemingly plucked from thin air that both made things happen and kept things interesting. Her exuberance felt infectious and I couldn’t help smiling when reading about her. Sam was a wonderful counterpoint to her. A father figure to her, he was loving and protective. He tempered her antics without smothering her spirit”

Peachy Keen gave this a 4 out of 5, saying “The novel follows the stories of a man from Earth, an alien, and a girl as they fight off evil on a moon in deep space.  Each character transforms throughout the novel, and the reader can’t help but grow along with them.  I felt myself attaching to each character as their stories progressed, I was fully absorbed soon into starting the novel”

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