Book Highlight: Leads & Lynxes by Rebecca Chastain

book highlight leads and lynxes rebecca chastain
Leads & Lynxes by Rebecca Chastain, a fantasy set in Terra Haven

Title: Leads & Lynxes (Terra Haven Chronicles #1)

Author: Rebecca Chastain

Publisher: Mind Your Muse Books

Publication Date: November 17, 2020

Genre: Fantasy

This is Kylie’s big break. Thanks to an enchanted tree, the journalist and her gargoyle companion, Quinn, have a secret lead on the story of a lifetime—if they’re brave enough to follow it.

However, she’s not the only one chasing this story. If anyone is going to write a high-profile article, Kylie’s rival, Nathan, believes it should be him. And he’s willing to play dirty to get his way.

To beat Nathan, Kylie and Quinn must work fast. Yet with every new lead forcing them deeper into a deadly maze of murder, warped magic, and monstrous beasts, rushing could prove fatal.

Kylie is determined to publish her dream story, but is it worth dying for?

Why This Book

One of my early bookish loves was Nancy Drew. I wanted to be like her when I turned 18 (and then I turned 18 and was glad I didn’t live a life of danger like she did, though I still wished to know everything she did). There was a short lived series that took Nancy and her friends into college, but it broke up Nancy and Ned and I couldn’t forgive that. Still, it started to make me wonder what Nancy would be like as someone a little older than 18. Enter the Terra Haven Chronicles. It just sounded like a fun fantasy when Rebecca Chastain requested a review, but Kylie reminded me so much of Nancy Drew that I just imagined this might have been Nancy’s young adult life if she’d had magic. I adore everything about Kylie, and her gargoyle companion could not be more adorable. So I must be thankful to this book for helping me imagine a future for one of my favorite characters from my childhood. It’s also just a really fun trilogy and I wish there were more books in the series.


My review: “The rest of the book felt more fast-paced and Kylie never really manages to catch her breath. There’s both a lot of threads coming together and a fairly straightforward story. It moves in a very linear fashion that almost cries for all the action and adventure surrounding every moment of the story, but it really made me focus on the characters, the danger they were in, and the story of a group of people just trying to solve a murder and survive.”

Reading Between the Wines Book Club said “Chastain’s magical world is so much fun to read about and Kylie and Grant’s romance is a fun slow burn, even if their relationship is incredibly similar to Mika and Marcus’s. If you’re in the mood for an Urban Fantasy with gargoyles you should defiantly pick this one up, or start from the beginning with Mika’s trilogy!”

Tome Tender gave this 5 stars, saying “Fun reading that never lets up from start to finish!”

J.R.’s Books Reviews gave this a 5, saying “This book has it all gargoyles, phoenixes, hot attraction, and a mystery to be solved. I was on the edge of my seat listening to this as each clue uncovered, you were drawn more into this mystery”

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2 thoughts on “Book Highlight: Leads & Lynxes by Rebecca Chastain

    1. That’s such a relief! I love Kylie and Grant together; they’re definitely one of my favorite fictional couples. Following Kylie and Nancy on a mystery would be a lot of fun!


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