Book Highlight: The Last Imperator by M.L. Tishner

book highlight the last imperator ml tishner
The Last Imperator by M. L. Tishner

Title: The Last Imperator (The Rebirth Saga #2)

Author: M.L. Tishner

Publisher: Self-published

Publication Date: June 1, 2021

Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy


After six months of campaigning, Rei and the other Volocio have barely convinced half the star cluster to vote for the Federation.

Activist groups from all sides are calling for a war Rei is destined to declare, but she won’t do it. While she wants to kill the Dominion Sovereign – Anekris Praymer – she wants to destroy him herself. She can channel lightning – she is the god queen – she doesn’t need more than that and the whole star cluster doesn’t need to go to war for it.

But tensions are rising beyond both their control and when both Rei and Anekris are trapped together after an attack – they strike up an uneasy alliance.

As time progresses, Rei finds herself wondering – will they remain enemies or will they join together and finally unite the Federation and Dominion?

Why This Book

Very often, whenever I positively review the first book in a series, the author usually responds back asking if I would be interested in reviewing future books in the series. After I sent my review for the first book, The God Queen, to M.L. Tishner, I didn’t hear back (and nor do I ever expect to hear back from an author). I enjoyed the book, and kept an eye out for the next one so I could purchase it. I was so surprised and thankful when Tishner contacted me for a review of the next book in the series shortly before it came out, and I now have my eye looking for the next book because. While neither Star Wars nor anime are things I’m interested in, and this series seems to draw heavily on both, I adore these books and characters and can’t wait for the next book.


My review: “Overall, The Last Imperator is a wonderful science fiction/fantasy read that can please both kinds of readers without resorting to confusing info dumps. The focus is on the story and how the characters force each others’ hands with manipulation and prophecies having a heavy hand.”

Purchase Links

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Walmart | Booktopia (Australia) | imusic of Denmark | Flipkart (India) | Google Books | Book Depository | Abe Books | Blackwell’s (UK) | Better World Books | Politics and Prose Bookstore

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