Book Highlight: The God of Lost Words by A.J. Hackwith

book highlight the god of lost words aj hackwith
the god of lost words aj hackwith

Title: The God of Lost Words (Hell’s Library #3)

Author: A.J. Hackwith

Publisher: Ace

Publication Date: November 2, 2021

Genre: Fantasy

To save the Library of the Unwritten in Hell, former librarian Claire and her allies may have to destroy it first.

Claire, rakish Hero, angel Rami, and muse-turned-librarian Brevity have accomplished the impossible by discovering the true nature of unwritten books. But now that the secret is out, in its quest for power Hell will be coming for every wing of the Library.

To protect the Unwritten Wing and stave off the insidious reach of Malphas, one of Hell’s most bloodthirsty generals, Claire and her friends will have to decide how much they’re willing to sacrifice to keep their vulnerable corner of the afterlife. Succeeding would mean rewriting the nature of the Library, but losing would mean obliteration. Their only chance at survival lies in outwitting Hell and writing a new chapter for the Library. Luckily, Claire and her friends know how the right story, told well, can start a revolution.

Why This Book

I have a very different reason for being thankful for this book. Of course, I do love this trilogy and regularly miss these characters and this world. This last book, The God of Lost Words, in particular felt like a love letter to book lovers. But I’m actually thankful to this book for quoting my review of the previous book. I discovered it well after it had been published because I never read the Praise section in books (I don’t really care what this author or that book site had to say about it; I’ll formulate my own opinion, thank you very much). It came at a time when I was considering changing the name of my blog. And then I discovered the quote attributed to my blog, and all plans of changing the name went out the window, and a whole lot of gratitude to whoever read my review and decided to include a quote inside the actual book flew in.


My review: “The characters grew and really came into their own throughout the book and made me love them even more. They were incredible together and the story just wound them up together even more. Overall, a lovely albeit bittersweet end to a fantastic cast of characters and story.”

That’s What She Read said “The ending of The God of Lost Words may be happy and satisfying but it is also a bit bittersweet because not all of the characters get their happily ever after. The ends of each character’s arc all make sense and stay true to each individual’s personality and backstory”

Utopia State of Mind said “So while I wanted to read this book about the various other wings, especially in their eventual quest and adventure, there was certainly some lack of depth in the world. Which was just extra frustrating because I’ve loved so much of the world building in the first book, The Library of the Unwritten. So while I ended up enjoying most of the plot movement, this finale didn’t thrill as much as I expected”

Leah’s Books gave this 5 stars, saying “All of the different elements of the story came together in an unexpected way, and I truly enjoyed seeing this story unfold. There were enough plot twists to keep me engaged every step of the way, but the ending had a sense of finality that left me completely satisfied and happy at the end of the story”

Fi’s Bibliophiles gave this 5 stars, saying “Throughout this series Hackwith had expertly woven a heavily character driven narrative with action and adventure. This book was the pinnacle of the three of really driving home the characters, allowing us to really spend time with them. While also providing high tension action. There were several moments in this that just caught you off guard with the emotional power behind them and just gripped you as you hoped to see a happy resolution for characters I have come to love”

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