The Curated Bookshelf: December 2022’s Theme

Welcome to this month’s Curated Bookshelf! December has descended on us (where has the time gone?) and with it comes thoughts of the end of the year and everything this past year held. So I only thought it appropriate to highlight books with memorable endings.

I’m the type of reader to not be hooked by first lines, to not really recall exactly how a book ended, and to instead love going on the journey with the characters. I love all the emotions, the pitfalls, the successes, the twists and turns. Those are the things that stick with me, and especially emotionally charged sequences between characters I care about.

But there have been some books where I’ve just been so taken by the ending that I can’t stop thinking about it. Most of them feel fairly run of the mill to me. The happy endings, the epilogues that wrap everything up with a neat bow, the messy endings, the unremarkable ones, the ones that seem to try a little too hard to end on just the right line, the cliff hangers I want to throttle. Some of them, though, have endings that have just stuck with me like glue, that may have made my jaw drop or my eyes to leak clear fluid with an odd salty taste. Some have amused me and some just make me wonder so hard what’s going to come next. These are the endings I love, the ones that stick most with me.

This month, I’ll be highlighting 15 books whose endings have become memorable. Sometimes they’re fun, sometimes they’re shocking, sometimes they just so perfectly cap the book.

Throughout this month, I’ll be giving each book its own Highlight post. I’ll discuss why I chose that particular book as well as put a spotlight on it, other reviews, and multiple purchase links. As I mentioned when I first introduced The Curated Bookshelf, I won’t earn a cent if you choose to use one of the links to purchase a book (I am not affiliated with any purchase sites), but the author/publisher will. Choose wisely?

I’m excited to share the 15 books I’ve chosen, and they’ll remain on the shelf until December 31st. On January 1st, there will be a new set of books and a new theme.

Feel free to check out all the books I’ll be highlighting on The Curated Bookshelf from the menu or via this link.

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy December’s books!

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