Book Highlight: Muckrakers & Minotaurs by Rebecca Chastain

book highlight muckrakers minotaurs rebecca chastain
muckrakers & minotaurs rebecca chastain

Title: Muckrakers & Minotaurs (Terra Haven Chronicles #3)

Author: Rebecca Chastain

Publisher: Mind Your Muse Books

Publication Date: November 16, 2021

Genre: Fantasy

The exciting conclusion of the Terra Haven Chronicles!

Kylie’s everlasting seed is supposed to guide her to the story of a lifetime, but that hardly matters now. Suspended from her position as a journalist for the Terra Haven Chronicle, she can’t publish anything.

However, a stymied career is the least of Kylie’s concerns. Someone is targeting her mom. First, they tried to make her look like a criminal. Now they’re trying to kill her.

Kylie will stop at nothing to save her mom. Unfortunately, the only people who might have useful information are pyromaniacs and prisoners, and they would rather see Kylie dead than help her.

Determined to flush out her enemy, Kylie must follow every lead, no matter how dubious. And this time, not even Kylie’s loyal gargoyle companion, Quinn, can keep her safe…

Why This Book

Muckrakers & Minotaurs is the last book in the Terra Haven Chronicles series. It’s not only a fantastic way to end the trilogy, but it also has an absolutely lovely end of the book. This series follows junior reporter Kylie and her gargoyle companion Quinn as they inadvertently get in the middle of cases the handsome Captain Grant Monaghan and his team are tying solve while also trying to make their everlasting seeds evolve. Oh, and there’s also a foul harpy intent on claiming Kylie’s life. These books are full of action, mysteries, friendship, family, and romance, and the last book really pulled it all together for a wonderful finale.

But the ending to Muckrakers & Minotuars itself has proven to be incredible enough on its own to really stick with me. I loved how it perfectly capped the book and the series. All the threads wrapped up nicely and there are some really beautiful things that just made my heart warm. It’s also just beautifully and vividly written so it doesn’t take much effort to call it to mind.


My review: “As I had hoped and expected, Muckrakers & Minotaurs ends the trilogy in the most satisfying way ever. It’s filled with breathless action, enduring love and friendship, character maturity, and a delightful conclusion to all the story lines.”

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2 thoughts on “Book Highlight: Muckrakers & Minotaurs by Rebecca Chastain

    1. I loved the series! It has so many elements I love in books that I think it’ll always be a favorite. Thank you so much for your initial review request and introducing me to your books. I’ve had a fantastic time reading them!


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