Book Highlight: Adventus by Andrew Mowere

book highlight for adventus by andrew mowere
Book Review: Adventus by Andrew Mowere

Title: Adventus

Author: Andrew Mowere

Publisher: Self-published

Publication Date: September 1, 2018

Genre: Fantasy

“What can you do when so many people arrive at your doorstep, bleeding and begging for their lives?”
“You pretend that they’re not people and that you can’t help.”

The elf portal in Yotaku has opened in earnest. Moreover, another portal has opened in each of Jerr and Veld, respectively spewing orcs and dwarves into the realm. With millions of refugees simultaneously fleeing the destruction of their worlds, humanity’s leaders decide to hide the truth and send a joint mission with agents of all major nations.

Yuuto Aimaru, the observer, is chosen to represent Yotaku. This is the purpose for which he has been cruelly bred, a game of intrigue and trickery. Each country cares only to further its designs, and Yuuto is a spy well versed in deceit.

Would Yuuto do anything for his emperor and country?

Why This Book

Adventus is a dark fantasy involving a group of, basically, cast outs who are sent on, basically, a suicide mission. This group is a motley one, comprised of individuals from different races and with different powers. They don’t trust each other further than they can throw each other at the beginning. But, as they journey together to destroy an ifrit, the relationships between them start to twist and turn to create a novel that is, surprisingly, all about friendship.

It’s that friendship that makes the ending so memorable. This group wasn’t meant to get along. There were times when I thought they were sent together not to destroy an ifrit, but to destroy each other. This was certainly dark and sometimes horrifying, but the friendship that develops, that utter closeness where they grew to trust and rely on each other, was just so gorgeous. The ending was not one I could have predicted, but, in the context of their friendship, was absolute perfection. This is what friendship should be, and it still makes me a little teary to recall it.


My review: “I got a little angry about 89% in because I knew it was going to end soon and I didn’t want it to. I wanted more time in Grimea, more time with the characters. With how quickly the story went I felt a little robbed, but, by the end, I was satisfied with the ending and thought it ended on a beautiful, if sad, note.”

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