Book Highlight: Still Death by Shauna Bickley

book highlight still death shauna bickley
Book Review: Still Death by Shauna Bickley - the first book in the Lexie Wyatt Mystery series

Title: Still Death (A Lexie Wyatt Murder Mystery #1)

Author: Shauna Bickley

Publisher: Self-published

Publication Date: February 1, 2015

Genre: Cozy Mystery

Lexie thought losing her job was tough. But finding a killer may be the death of her.

After losing her high-flying job in London and moving to a small town, Lexie lacks a sense of purpose. She befriends an elderly neighbour whose son, Patrick, disappeared when his girlfriend was murdered.

Later, Lexie discovers Patrick hiding out at his mother’s house. To please her neighbour, she listens to his tale of being set up for his girlfriend’s murder. Lexie doesn’t want to believe him, but she finds it hard to imagine this investigative journalist, who fights exploitation and unfairness, committing a pre-meditated murder.

Shortly after their last discussion, Lexie discovers the bodies of the mother and son. The police close the case, concluding Patrick murdered his girlfriend and his mother and then killed himself.

Lexie is the only one who believes the murderer is still free.

But, as she investigates the deaths, someone is following her every move.

When her husband and children are threatened, Lexie is afraid she has gone too far. But she still doesn’t know the reason for the murders, or who committed them.

Lexie needs to find the cold-blooded killer before she becomes the next target.

Why This Book

Still Death is the start to a cozy mystery series featuring wife and mother Lexie who has become a full-time mother since her family moved away from London. She and her husband are an established couple right from the start, and it was delightful to watch them together in this book, especially since I first got to know them in the second book in the series. Lexie and her husband Nathan are just like any other married couple, but they really worked well together, even if Nathan would rather his wife not get herself tangled up in murder mysteries. But it was delightful to get to know them as a couple and even get to see their daughters.


My review: “It’s hard to keep a mind that’s more attuned to working busy when now all you’re doing is caring for children, so it was a lot of fun to read about her getting mixed up in webs left and right. Clearly, she should not be left to her own devices too much! I loved how nosy she was, as many good amateur detectives are, and it really made sense that it manifested out of boredom. Similarly, I really enjoyed Nathan and the girls. I adored the relationship between Lexie and Nathan. They were clearly a pillar to each other, but were just like any other married couple. I must say, though, between this book and the next, Nathan has quite some interesting interests!”

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