Book Highlight: Revolution by David Dorrough

revolution david dorrough book highlight
revolution david dorrough

Title: Revolution

Author: David Dorrough

Publisher: Self-published

Publication Date: March 22, 2022

Genre: Fiction, Satire

Half satire, half farce, and half slice-of-life, REVOLUTION dives into the world of Bill and Yvonne Smede, two middle-aged professionals attempting to lead semi-sane, low-profile lives amidst the loud, swirling chaos of Southern California and the colorful antics of all their friends and relations.

It’s a novel about everyday folks with everyday thoughts and feelings and experiences, and how entertaining this seemingly bland material can actually be. It’s also about ideas—lots of them, mainly small ones. And it’s about our modern Internet-immersed world. And Southern California. And middle age. But above all else, REVOLUTION is simply a comedy—a fun, lighthearted read to be zipped through easily and merrily.

So relax and enjoy the ride, and get ready to laugh. A lot. And along the way, you just might find some food for thought here and there. You also might find you’ve become intimately acquainted with several true-to-life, flesh-and-blood characters as they struggle to maneuver through the numerous ordinary yet ridiculous situations their wacky world constantly throws at them.

Why This Book

Revolution is a very long slice of life type of book. It follows a large group of people whose lives intersect over the course of a year. Some of their stories are outrageous, some of ordinary, and some just came off as a bit bizarre. But all these story lines revolve around a married couple: Bill and Yvonne Smede. They’ve been married for years, with children, and their love has tempered to something much cooler. At times, they felt like they were still together out of habit, but they really clung to that habit and, thus, to each other. They were such an ordinary, uninteresting couple, but the people around them definitely added a lot of interest and color and wonderings of what, exactly, was wrong with them.


My review: “The only ones who didn’t seem to have a story of their own was the couple Revolution is centered around: Bill and Yvonne Smede. I liked them. They were very low-key and as functional and dysfunctional as many couples who have been together can be. Their interactions with all the other characters was a lot of fun and really made them feel like they were the normal ones in this sea of varying and amusing personalities”

Blue Ink Review said “The characters make mistakes and have imperfect personalities which render them realistic. Rich descriptions of Los Angeles’s warm, mild climate and its vibrant restaurant scene also enliven the novel.”

The Book Commentary said “David Dorrough’s Revolution is a novel that is rich in the seasons of life it evokes and in its social commentaries. The characters are fully drawn as well as the fascinating setting in Southern California, and readers will enjoy the blustery ride alongside characters who are in turn, hilarious and deeply flawed, characters that are written into situations and contexts that are familiar to readers”

Review Tales recommended this one to fiction and comedy fans, saying “Revolution Is a dark humor fictional tale, and its added contemporary comedic element creates a very interesting read. Bill and Yvonne Smede are two middle-aged protagonists living in California, introducing all the drama that comes with their life, friends and relations.”

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