Book Highlight: The Book of Revelations by Idelle Kursman

book highlight the book of revleations idelle kursman
The Book of Revelations by Idelle Kursman

Title: The Book of Revelations

Author: Idelle Kursman

Publisher: MBK Publishing

Publication Date: May 9, 2020

Genre: Women’s Fiction

Christine’s life is in turmoil again.

Not like it was 18 years ago when she found herself pregnant while an undergraduate in college. Her boyfriend, whom she had hoped to marry, betrayed her. She endured the wrath and disappointment of her parents, was forced to drop out of college, and give up on her dreams. For years she had to depend on relatives for assistance.

Now Christine has even more at stake.

Married to a wonderful man who adopted her children, she is content with a happy home life and a satisfying career. However, she thought it best not to reveal the identity of the children’s biological father. But out of the blue he returns looking for them.

Will Christine lose it all once he finds them?

Why This Book

The Book of Revelations was quite a surprising read to me. It’s a delightfully sweet story of family with a twist of secrets and a blackmail plot. It’s about a former couple as they’re forced to reconnect, so one might be tempted to assume this is a second chance romance. Kursman is quick to put the brakes on that. Our female lead, Christine, is happily married at the start of the book and, as far as her teen children know, the man they call father is their biological father. The return of someone from Christine’s past threatens to overturn things, but Christine will do anything to protect her family. Her relationship with her husband was lovely. They’re a wonderful, loving couple who have mundane things to deal with, and a much larger health related problem to deal with on the horizon, but, through everything, they really did feel like they loved each other.


My review: “Christine’s family was fascinating and full of complex relationships, but she and her husband had such a sweet marriage and her children were absolutely wonderful.” gave this 3 stars, saying “It’s kind of a sweet story, but there was something about it that felt like a lack of depth…or maybe naivety”

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