Book Highlight: The Angel of Bishopsgate by Eloise Reuben

book highlight of the angel of bishopsgate eloise reuben
The Angel of Bishopsgate, an historical fiction novel set in London and Dublin by Eloise Reuben

Title: The Angel of Bishopsgate (The Darker Cities #1)

Author: Eloise Reuben

Publisher: Self-published

Publication Date: February 19, 2019

Genre: Historical Fiction, Mystery

A terrifying villain. A young woman desperate for answers. Danger and intrigue in Victorian London.

In 1848, Tessie and Finn struggle each day and dream of life far away in the New World, but when Tessie is attacked by an underworld figure known only as the Angel of Bishopsgate, her fight for survival has only just begun.

Separated from her beloved Finn, and oblivious to why the Angel wants her dead, her only clue points home to Dublin, and a past she thought would never find her.

Battling her way from the treacherous Old Nichol slums, and navigating the sparkling upper-classes, how will Tessie survive this game of cat-and-mouse with the city’s most notorious villain?

Why This Book

The Angel of Bishopsgate opens with a young married couple in the 1840s struggling to get by. They’re absolutely devoted to each other, as they prove over and over in this book. They’re separated early on, but the reader gets to read from both of their perspectives, and their determination to get back to each other was lovely and fierce. Even though they’re not physically together much in the story, they really prove the strength of their love and I could just feel it on every page. Compared to some of the married couples on this list, I’d say Tessie and Finn are an outstanding couple who prove it’s possible to have an absolutely wonderful relationship and partner. Which is a breath of fresh air if you’ve been keeping track of the couples I’ve been mentioning lately.


My review: “This is a beautiful novel centered around the strength of one young couple and the lengths they’ll go to not just stay alive, but to be together. Of course, the mystery and thriller part of it was exceptional and kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time”

Jean M. Roberts: The Book’s Delight gave this 3.5 stars, saying “I enjoyed the story, especially when the action moves to Dublin. I thought the plot was interesting and there were some unique characters which captured my attention. I also found the setting of the story to be of great interes”

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