Book Highlight: For the Throne by Hannah Whitten

book highlight for the throne hannah whitten
for the throne hannah whitten

Title: For the Throne (The Wilderwood #2)

Author: Hannah Whitten

Publisher: Orbit

Publication Date: June 7, 2022

Genre: Fantasy

In this breathtaking sequel to the instant New York Times bestseller For the Wolf, Red’s sister Neve struggles to escape a mysterious land of twisted roots, lost gods, and mountains made of bone—and the only clues to her rescue are a magic mirror and a dark prince who wants to bring the whole thing crumbling down.

The First Daughter is for the Throne

The Second Daughter is for the Wolf…

Red and the Wolf have finally contained the threat of the Old Kings but at a steep cost. Red’s beloved sister Neve, the First Daughter is lost in the Shadowlands, an inverted kingdom where the vicious gods of legend have been trapped for centuries and the Old Kings have slowly been gaining control. But Neve has an ally, though it’s one she’d rather never have to speak to again: the rogue king Solmir.

Solmir wants to bring an end to the Shadowlands and he believes helping Neve may be the key to its destruction. But to do that, they will both have to journey across a dangerous landscape in order to find a mysterious Heart Tree, and finally to claim the gods’ dark, twisted powers for themselves.

Why This Book

Well, I may be cheating a little bit going with the second book in the duology, but For the Throne does have an established couple. For the Throne is Neve’s story whereas For the Wolf was Red’s, so Neve isn’t one half of an established couple, but Red is. The sweet part of this duology is how hard the sisters work to get each other back, and For the Throne is no exception. Red will do anything to get Neve back, but she also starts the book off as the Wolf’s wife. They’re an incredibly cute couple, even if Eammon kept begging her to take a rest from it. It was fun to see this side of their relationship, to see them as a settled couple.


My review: “There’s Red and Eammon who are now happily and deliriously married. Honestly, they felt so lovey dovey it made me feel like I was wading through a field of sweetness. It’s nice to know they’re so happy, but it felt like it took that a step too far to the point where they felt even more irrelevant during the first half of the story”

FanFiAddict gave this a 9.5/10, saying “this worked really well in that it kept Neve and Solmir at the center as the now more relevant duo, but it didn’t sideline Red and Eammon either. Also, getting to read about established couples past the will they-won’t they stage always gives me the fuzzies and it offers the reader some solid ground to stand on while the rest of the plot unfolds and sweeps us away”

The Open Books gave this a 4, saying “Red travels through the Wilderwood and beyond, picking up the pieces she needs to free Neve. Eammon accompanies her and we see how their relationship has grown”

Reader Voracious said ” The pacing was a bit uneven for me and I found Red’s chapters largely uninteresting and a bit repetitive, bogging down the plot overall. Barring the trip to the Rylt and a couple of other scenes, the Red & Co. chapters didn’t do much to move the plot forward or increase the reader’s understanding of events. I love Red and Eammon and would happily read a book of them just being Domestic Together, but not like this. I’d rather the pages went to expanding on the worldbuilding”

Simone and Her Books said “One of the key themes of this book was love; sisterly love, romantic love, and platonic love. These examples of love really drove the characters, made them who they are or changed them in significant ways. I love how it played such a massive role in the story especially for Neve and Red”

The Quill to Live gave this an 8/10, saying “that POV switch was felt more prominently. Red’s adventure in this book feels aimless while Neve’s is action-packed and full of purpose. Even though there are some important moments for Red, it seemed like Whitten was trying to keep her occupied until Red’s story needed to align with Neve’s big moments. I loved seeing Red and Eammon, but I was all Team Neve and found her chapters to be more captivating”

One Book More gave this 4 stars, saying “Red and Eammon had a great love story, and I enjoyed seeing how their relationship has progressed. Neve and Solmir have an antagonistic, yet chemistry-laden relationship, and I loved their banter. Surprisingly, they make a good team and complement each other well”

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