Book Highlight: Claimed by Nicole Adamz

claimed nicole adamz book highlight
Claimed by Nicole Adamz

Title: Claimed (The Land of Schism #1)

Author: Nicole Adamz

Publisher: Inkblot Publishing, LLC

Publication Date: April 18, 2019

Genre: Fantasy

Gifted with Talent, Ari Laurel and Maewyn Ambire are both Claimed, a valued trait. Ari wants to save the only mother she knows from being sold at an auction, a fate that guarantees death. Especially if the Council finds out their secret. Maewyn wants the ability to escape her cruel, social-climbing family and twisted former mentor.Both want to achieve their goals, but they are pawns in an unwitting game of power. The odds are stacked against them, but can they trust each other?

A thrilling, alternate point of view epic fantasy drama from the author Nicole Adamz.

Why This Book

Claimed is about not just one strong woman, but two who have the courage to fight against the constraints their society sets around them. Ari and Maewyn may have started out as friends, but, as the story and their different goals tighten around them, they find themselves enemies. But I’m choosing these two women because they’re powerful in their own ways even as their society holds them down and in specific places. Throughout the story, I enjoyed watching them struggle against it, enjoyed watching them find their own paths and breaking out of what everyone expects. This is particularly true of Maewyn, and I loved just how willing she was to be courageous enough to push right back.


My review: “It annoyed me a little, though, that women were treated more like tools and a means to an end. It’s reminiscent of rigid gender roles, but tied up in the hunger for power. But I loved how Maewyn and Ari, in their own ways, struggled and fought against it. Though set on different paths, both, as women, are perceived a certain way by men and find their own ways to fight. I loved watching them fight the constraints around them”

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