Going On a Brief Hiatus

So, as of last night, it looked like our district was really going ahead with shutting down for three days. Briefly, the union representing all of the support staff in schools has not had their demands (including basic respect from the district) met, so they’ll be going on strike Tuesday-Thursday. The teachers’ union will be honoring that, so won’t be crossing the picket line, which means there will basically be no staff on school campuses. Therefore…no school for three days. There will also be no assigned work and no work that will be required to be turned in and any work my kids do will not be graded and will not be counted towards their final grades so they will be getting a three day weekend in the middle of the week.

This will be followed by a 4 day week, half of which they’ll be ending their school days early. The week after that is their Spring Break. Considering I’ll only have three full school days to get anything done during, I decided to not even try fighting a losing battle (did that 3 years ago with what was supposed to be a two week shutdown for COVID) again, so I’ve decided to take a brief hiatus for my sanity.

I already have today’s and tomorrow’s Book Highlights, and two more after that, so I believe I’ll be able to finish this month’s Bookshelf. Sadly, I don’t think I’ll have any time to put into April’s list, so there won’t be a Curated Bookshelf next month. I have some book reviews I’m supposed to get up over the next 3 weeks, but I’ll be pushing them back to April.

If all goes well, I’ll be back April 10th. Until then, I’m dropping out of the blogging world for 3 weeks. If I’m lucky, I’ll have time to poke my head back in, but dealing with my kids over the next 3 weeks will be my priority.

Thanks for reading!

6 thoughts on “Going On a Brief Hiatus

  1. Take as much of a break as you need. ♥️ I left the field of education after almost a decade of being an educator, so I understand the struggle. Practice self care, please!


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