Book Highlight: 100% Organic by James Allison

book highlight 100 percent organic james allinson
100% organic james allinson

Title: 100% Organic (The Chickpea Chronicles #2)

Author: James Allinson

Publisher: Self-published

Publication Date: February 7, 2021

Genre: Fantasy, Satire

Organic or non-organic? Refined or reasonably-priced? All the rage or affordable? There’s only one way to settle this – George The-Decent Dragon enters The People Town Annual Fruit And Vegetable Growing Competition. Fast-paced, irreverent satire for Pratchett and Python fans.
With a celebrity dragon at the helm, Farmer Fred’s has become successful. Very successful. Its delicious, organic specialities are the talk of the town. But unfortunately, this new-found popularity has attracted some unwelcome attention…
A rival from Julian’s past returns and opens a non-organic greengrocer, and then challenges him to compete in the annual fruit and veg growing contest. However, treachery is in the air. There’s far more to this than who can grow the best marrow.
Unsanitary allotment holders, scheming local councillors, and illicit performance-enhancing substances – all stand between Team Farmer Fred and the trophies. Fortunately, though, they have a secret weapon!
Will George triumph and save the day? Will he emerge with his dignity intact? Will his big, beautiful pumpkins gain the appreciation they deserve? Find out!

Why This Book

100% Organic is the second in the Chickpea Chronicles, which follows the adventures of George, a decent dragon who moved from his home with the dragons, who didn’t really understand him anyways, to People Town where he works for the local green grocer. But, when a new green grocer tries to move in, George and his boss Julian find themselves competing to grow the biggest produce. Most of this book revolves around George trying to get their garden plot going and growing his produce while also unexpectedly uncovering unsavory plots, so of course I had to include this one. I had a lot of fun reading about George gardening and Julian not doing much. The garden chatter between George and some of the other people was interesting, but I’m just tickled by imaging a dragon gardening in a person-size plot. His secret weapon is also quite interesting!


My review: “The focus was more on the gardening with the competition date looming in the distance. I did like how George and Julian operated when it came to the gardening. It felt like the deadline should be hovering over their heads, but it also felt like it was some amorphous thing in the future, until there were problems and suddenly panic ensued.”

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