31 Things About Me

I’ve never actually introduced myself, so here goes.

  1. My name is Katherine, but I prefer Kat. Please don’t call me Kate, Kathy, or Katie. I am also not a Kitty.
  2. My favorite color is green.
  3. The first story I wrote was a Valentine’s Day story with a classmate. My first solo story was about Halloween.
  4. I have 2 best friends, one since we were 2 and the other since 4th grade. One is a writer, the other an artist.
  5. I am 100% Chinese, but don’t speak any dialect.
  6. I took German throughout high school.
  7. Even though I love flowers, I am a master at killing plants. On accident.
  8. I play a pedal harp, and have been playing the harp for almost 20 years.
  9. I can write backwards with my left hand.
  10. I have never had coffee, Coke, or Pepsi.
  11. I don’t drink alcohol. The 3 times that I have were all when alone with a guy. Nothing weird happened because I only took a few sips each time and 2 were friends and one was my future husband.
  12. My husband and I met online.
  13. I love Celtic music.
  14. My favorite flowers are stargazer lilies and calla lilies, hence The Lily Cafe. I think.
  15. I have a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology.
  16. I am very petite, so I absolutely hate shopping. People have to force me to get new clothes.
  17. I don’t talk to people because I hate small talk, but most people who do talk to me think I’m friendly.
  18. I wore braces for 5 years. They were removed on Halloween.
  19. I was born and raised in Southern California, where I currently live as well, but spent 2 years in the middle of nowhere in Maryland and 1 year in Pennsylvania.
  20. In 5th grade I did a report on William Penn and decided to live in Pennsylvania. Accomplished.
  21. I love turbulence.
  22. I get sea sick. I even get nauseous in swimming pools and looking at fish tanks and on cruise ships. My kids may never experience an aquarium with me…
  23. My favorite museum in L.A. is the Natural History Museum.
  24. My favorite zoo animal is the mountain goat. I once made my family hike up to see them only to learn they were not out that day. Sorry.
  25. I have terrible aim, so whatever I throw to you probably won’t make it anywhere near you.
  26. I haven’t eaten seafood since I was 10 because I had pet fish and freaked out that I was eating one of their relatives.
  27. I have a Chinese name, but can’t spell it or write it and no one is really sure what it means.
  28. I prefer to watch older movies rather than what’s playing now. Think Sabrina with Audrey Hepburn and a silent movie called Ace of Hearts.
  29. My favorite Christmas movie is White Christmas. I used to watch it every year with with my mom until I got married, and she watched every year with her dad.
  30. I am terrified of hypodermic needles.
  31. The last 3 schools I have attended all started with W.

So, hi.

13 thoughts

  1. Hey Kat! This is awesome. Did you just kinda go with it? or did you have a prompt for each selection? Id like to do something like this. It be nice to look back on years down the road and its a great get to know you. 😀

    1. Thanks! I just decided this blog is actually almost 8 years old and I never really introduced myself or what I’m about, so figured it was a good time to do this. I have a theme for each day, so it was easy to figure out what to list. You should totally do something like this! It’s a great way to share who you are and to actually think about yourself for once. Moms are people, too!

  2. I like how specific you are with your name 🙂

    I always had an issue when people spelled my name wrong. It’s Weronika andI teach people how to say my full name or my nickname since childhood which is Werka. Still people are too lazy to try and remember.

    My husband and I also met online and for some reason I cannot keep a single plant alive!

    I am glad you introduced yourself 🙂

    1. Thanks! It’s nice to know there’s someone else not too unlike myself. And really plants need to grow feet so they can run away! I love your name! One of my husband’s groomsmen was Polish and, if I remember correctly, the W is pronounced as a V? But I get where you’re coming from. Even though my name is super common, no one spells it right and everyone assumes I must be a Kate or Katie. Sometimes I think this world would be a better place if we just paid more attention to each other. Can it really be that hard to get someone’s name right?!

      1. Thank you 🙂 And yes W is pronounced as a V 🙂 Someone at work always spelled my name WVeronica 😀 I always just laughed as the individual was nice and goofy and I thought he is really just doing that to be silly 🙂

        Totally agree, people should just listen a little more and care for others more often 🙂

  3. I didn’t eat squid for years because I took my son to the aquarium and he thought the baby ones were so adorable he made me promise never to eat them. I kept him far away from the lobsters 😀

  4. White Christmas! It’s a family tradition for me to watch it in December each year. And not uncommon for us to start singing songs from it at any time we like =) (Oh, and I totally get the cloths shopping thing.)

    1. Oh, yes, I catch myself humming the songs all year. They’re fabulous! And, boy, do I wish I could dance like Judy!

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