52 Books, February Update

I’m so behind…So very behind.

Last month, I was doing great, one book a week. It felt awesome. Then I decided to read Deadly Choices by D. L. Barnhart and that one took me 2 weeks. 2 weeks! I still haven’t recovered from that one.

I next chose Eve by Patti Larsen, a Kindle Scout published book, thinking it might be interesting since it was about mythology, life, and death. But, well, I have more to say in an upcoming review. That one took a week and a half, not because it was long or difficult.

Here I am now at the end of the month. Finally done with Eve and definitely needing a break from Kindle Scout published books. I decided to go with a self-published book I discovered right here on WordPress. Cuteness Overlord was written by Mike Aaron over at The Association of Merry Makers. So far it’s funny, so go check it out before my review comes out!

And that’s the sad state of February. March, please make me a happy reader again.

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