A bird’s sight of school

In honor of the start of school:

Like an eagle flying
Above breaks and cracks
In the cliffs
So very high

I would like to fly
Just like a pigeon.
To fly over the school
And watch everything.

To see the hustle and bustle
Of the hurrying students
From class to class
So they are not late.

Some run as fast
As a fleet footed deer
While others run
With heavy bags upon their backs.

Then the bell rings
And the birds sing
Before the silence is broken
By the students in P. E.

To fly by an open door
And see, maybe, a student snore
In the most boring class
Of the entire day.

Then I, as the bird,
Hear the nearby band
Practicing on grass
As green as emeralds.

The bell rings again
Students flee from class to class
To run about again
Before the bell should ring.

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