A change to this weekend

This weekend I am moving. This is very exciting news as I will now be less than an hour and fifteen minute drive from where I go to school. I recommend that one does not attempt that on a daily basis for two years if one can help it.

Anyways, this move means I have no idea when I will have Internet again. We have plans on having it up and running on Saturday, but there’s really no guarantee. If we do, then Sunday’s poem and Monday’s continuation of Tea Party will go as planned. If not, Sunday’s poem may not happen and, depending on how Monday pans out, more of Tea Party may or may not be posted. This also means that, for all the blogs I follow, I will be missing out on some awesome stuff. I will, however, endeavor to check out as much as I can as soon as I can. For all those that I follow who also follow me, I find your posts inspirational, useful, and all together very wonderful and interesting and it pains me to think I might be missing out on some great posts.

So, it is with high hopes that Sunday will go as planned, otherwise, until next week!

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