A Class Story

Ashley: About time we started. Once upon a time there was a unicorn.

Ben: Beautiful as he could be. But one day an evil witch came to him.

Carrie: Curses she threw in abundance until he became a little boy.

Daisy: Darling as he was, a poor shepherd and his wife took him in.

Ethan: Evan though they came to love him, he seemed to be very strange.

Fred: For breakfast he ate grass, for lunch he had dandelion heads, and dinner was a plate of leaves.

George: Gentle to all, he ignored little boy toys and pranced in the meadows.

Helen: He befriended the other unicorns and shocked the shepherd and his wife.

Irene: Instead of turning him out because of his oddness, they took him to the village Wise Woman.

Jenny: Jilailah she was called. A good healer she was. A cure was sure to be found.

Kim: Keep him in her home she did. She watched him day and night.

Leon: Laurel branches she gave him and ate them he did.

Mark: Mannered and sweet, baffled her he did.

Nancy: Noises he didn’t make and more confused she became.

Oriana: Odd as he seemed, she enjoyed his company.

Perry: Problems were few, but still no cure could be found.

Queenie: Questions she asked, and none he answered, mute as he was.

Rose: Roses he gave her when they bloomed in moonlight.

Stan: Silver hair flowed as he danced and pranced like a horse.

Teacher: That’s coming along very well. Keep going.

Uriel: Unicorns came out to play with him and an idea struck Jilailah.

Vera: Very soon she found a cure.

William: Wicked witch she went and found.

Xavier: Xylophone she turned him into.

Yuki: Yak she turned him into and run off the witch Jilailah did.

Zara: Zeus, Jilailah called and unicorn the boy became.

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