A constant reminder

High overhead the moon rises and shines
But upon an empty heart
Cold as the stone of the house
It may never touch
Leave it in shadows
Deep in the death of one so dear
For time cannot be reversed
To when the deceased once rose
Laughing and running through the hills
She now resides
In a tomb as dark as night
In coldness as frozen as the winter
Surrounded by those who cannot love her
Those that wish to forget her
And they leave her to rot and decay
Until nothing is left
Of a memory so bitter
When she left the world
Never to be remembered
And nary a tear was shed
When she was placed in the tomb
There in the hills she once ran through
With her laughter ringing high and bright
Into the hearts of those who loved her
Those who deserted her warm and deserving heart
Those who chose to turn away
When she fell ill and unable to play
A daughter forsaken when she could no longer laugh
Or play with those who knew her
For they knew she would be gone soon
And so left her in misery and dust
With the drapes drawn tight
Across windows of rose
Blocking the bright morning sun
And pale moonlight
From shedding their joy and gladness
Across her vast sickbed
And there she lay
Forgotten by those who loved her best
Until her death came one midnight
And her soul fled those who turned away from her
And sought a heaven brighter than any sun
Brighter than any love
Where she was wanted and loved for eternity
And there in the winter’s tomb
Does her body lie
Forgotten and forsaken
By those of family and friend
Those who once loved her
And turned away
To keep from feeling the pain of her death
And there she always will stay
A constant reminder
To those that love cannot die
When it is so cherished
And who loved back as fiercely
A reminder that none can forget
How one was so loved and honored
A reminder of past glad times
With the passing of those elderly
And move of the young
To other hills
Leaving the ones she resides in
To give her final peace and rest
A daughter so dear
She stole the hearts and never returned them
Of those who loved her
To the bitter end
As a constant reminder.

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