A Letter from my Daughter

Dear Mom,

You love me and take care of me and show me different things. But there is something you and Dad do that confuses me.

Mom, I started crawling at six and a half months. I started pulling myself up to stand not long after. I even try taking steps on my own! When I’m hungry I love eating whatever it is you give me. I let you hold me plenty of times at night, because I know you miss me. But…

Why do you and Dad try to turn me on my tummy?!

You and Dad call it rolling over. Does that mean I have to go from lying, unhappily, on my back to, even more unhappily, onto my tummy?

I don’t really want to, Mom. I really don’t. I’d rather try to sit up like my big brother does. So, please, can I not do this rolling over thing?

Love, your daughter

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