Welcome to The Lily Cafe!

I’ve loved stories all my life. I love doing what I can through my book reviews to spread the word about books by both established and new authors, self-published and traditionally published. The Lily Cafe is still a small blog, but I would like to do what I can to support stories and their authors, to give them another place to where they can be noticed.

While I’ve loved reading published books, I also want this to be a place for writers not looking to be published, but who still have a story to share. Whether fiction or non-fiction, The Lily Cafe is place where writers can have their voice be heard. Or read, in this case. I can’t guarantee too much notice, but I can guarantee an audience.

For writers, please see the Submit page for more information on what I am currently able to accept and publish.

For authors seeking a book review, please see the Review Policy for more information.

For readers, please browse. You can find recipes and my hopefully not too disastrous attempts at ratio baking under Kitchen, my book reviews and thoughts on reading under Bookshelf, stories from my motherhood journey and other parenting thoughts over at Mother’s Corner, and stories from myself and others in the Writer’s Lounge.

Please, come in and enjoy cake and a story or ten.

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