Dear Reader,

Depth and breadth.

When I was in college, I designed my own major through a scholars program the school offered. While they allowed us to be as creative as we chose, our majors had to have both breadth and depth. We had to study as widely as our major demanded and as deeply as our major needed.

Once upon a time, I was a psychology student. My major was a ridiculously narrow Child Clinical Neurosychology. I took a lot of psychology classes, more classes the actual major required if I remember correctly, as well as biology, anthropology, chemistry, education, and child development classes. See? Breadth and depth.

I haven’t strayed far from that in the over ten years since I was a college student. And now I’m bringing it home to my blog.


When I started The Lily Cafe back up in 2018, I covered a lot of different topics. Books, food, writing, motherhood, life. Everything was up for grabs, but it felt like a wild wide and I was falling, falling, falling down a rabbit hole. I may have reigned things in a bit, but I still enjoy covering a lot of different topics, and I love having guests write about whatever tickles their fancy.

Most of what I write is related to books, writing, and food, but I wouldn’t discount a completely random post about my cat. Or the weather. Or thoughts on a weird children’s show (and, boy, are there plenty!). Or motherhood. Or life. Or anything I feel strongly about. After all, this blog always has been and always be a reflection of me.


But there’s one thing that unites all of it, all of me.


I live and breathe stories. According to my mom, I’ve been telling stories since I could talk. I don’t believe everything has to have a reason. But I do believe everything has a story. Everything has to have started somewhere. So I go down deep. I tell the stories. I invite guests to tell their stories, to share their stories.

The Lily Cafe is all about stories. As my tagline says, I’ve been serving them up since 2013 when this was nothing more than a writing blog. I may post about all sorts of different things, but my focus is on telling stories, of going deep into them and focusing on them.

So, welcome to The Lily Cafe! Pull up a seat and enjoy a story or two (the original tagline all those years ago that has never managed to fade).