Alone in Suffocating Darkness

This post is for all who suffer In silence – in light of the fact that May WAS mental health awareness month. Our society is failing people. I don’t just mean killings, mass shootings, poverty and the plethora of other things we don’t pay attention to.

There are so many people who die from suicide…and we don’t pay attention. There are so many people every day who struggle with mental health. We are failing as a society to properly talk about, examine and address mental health at the same level as say: cardiovascular health, ocular health, sexual health, diabetes, hypertension, Huntington’s…I could keep going. Whether it’s depression, clinical depression (as defined by the DSM V), PTSD, ADHD, schizophrenia or anxiety, we are not truly addressing how to help those who suffer from these conditions.

We as a society have to reframe and reshape how we think, talk about and treat mental health. I’m so sorry. I cannot begin to express my sorrow. I’m sorry for the stigma that this is currently in our society….

……This issue is so complex, but it merits so much discussion.

-The Husband

5 thoughts

  1. I think the problem especially in the UK is finding. If our government stopped lining their own pockets then there would be more money for the country itself. Also I think there is still a stigma attached to people with mental health issues, this is just because people who haven’t had it or don’t understand the complexity of mental health.

  2. The stigma attached to mental illness is disgusting. I think a possible help would be to eliminate the word ‘mental’ from mental illness. When we talk of someone with lung cancer, we don’t say they have body illness.

    1. Hi! Thank you for your comment. I do agree with the first sentence of what you say. But I do want to clarify what I meant. I think that we should be able to discuss mental health in the same manner that we discuss cancer. I would also like to state that illnesses are categorized on a functional basis. For instance, cancer is not one disease but rather many. Therefore, lung cancer is distinct from colorectal, brain, ovarian, breast, prostate or liver cancers. Cancer is a heterogeneous disease and can initiate in any part of the human body. Mental illness, likewise, is a condition of the brain/mind. It’s a bit more complex because one cannot have a mind without a brain. Categorization is important to therapeutic intervention. So, while I empathize and stand by my main point that we should be able to discuss any condition. Personally, I think that categorization is important, otherwise, things just get more confusing. =)

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